The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 96

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

When the news of Fu Sinian’s death first aired, many people with vested self interests were happy to know about it.


After all, Fu Sinian had always been domineering and merciless in the business world.


So some people were naturally unhappy with him.


In S City, only Qin Shao could compete with Fu Sinian. Because they were always at war with each other, others got to drink some soup. But when Fu Sinian died, Qin Shao was the only one with the largest industry channel. No one could fight with him. They could only rely on Qin Shao. If they had a bad relationship with Qin Shao, they may not even get to drink soup in the future.


(T/N: “To drink soup” means to get  leftovers.)


Recently, Qin Shao made many big moves. Fu Sinian’s death meant that the Qin family was the sole superpower of the business world. Even the project for which it had been competing for with Fu Sinian for over two years in which they invested more than 10 billion Yuan was already looking to be in Qin family’s pocket.


After some discussion, some people greeted him with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Fu. I am Cheng Ximing from Zhengkai Company. I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s a great honor to meet Mr. Fu today.”


Fu Sinian gave a faint hum and finally glanced at Yu Duo. Seeing several men around Yu Duo, he frowned. He was distracted and politely replied to Cheng Ximing of Zhengkai company: “Mr. Cheng, I’m sorry. I still have something to do. I won’t be with you.”


After finishing what he said, he didn’t wait for Mr. Cheng of Zhengkai Company to speak and strode forward towards Yu Duo.


Seeing Fu Sinian approaching, Mrs. Yu pulled Yu Duo’s hand and whispered to her, “Duoduo, what’s going on? About Fu Sinian… why didn’t you tell your mother in advance?”


Yu Duo kept silent. She quietly watched and admired Fu Sinian’s appearance as he approached her, step by step.


Fu Sinian was a very old-fashioned man. The suit must be ironed without any wrinkles. The shirt must be flat and tight. Fu Sinian was tall and well-built. He looked the most dashing in the whole avenue.


However everything worn by this man was selected by her. He was hers from inside out.


(T/N: Someone is admiring her husband.)


The countless women’s seemingly indifferent eyes now fixated at Fu Sinian, the corner of Yu Duo’s mouth curled into a triumphant smile.




Under Yu Duo’s admiring gaze, Fu Sinian approached closer to her.


Mrs. Yu’s erratic eyes betrayed her nervousness. She asked with a smile, “Sinian… What the hell is happening? Three months ago, weren’t you…”


Fu Sinian faced Mrs. Yu and replied, “I’ll explain this to you later.”


He held Yu Duo with her waist and looked at Zhao Chen and others with arrogant gazes. His gaze first became cold and then indifferent. He asked in a tone which was neither cold nor angry, “What are you talking about?”


Yu Duo’s heart almost jumped out. She almost panicked again because of her guilty conscience.


Zhao Chen worked in the business world for many years and had experienced many ups and downs. Even if he said to Yu Duo that Fu Sinian’s character was not good five minutes ago, he acted magnanimously. He welcomed Fu Sinian with a smiling face and reached out with his hand. “Hello, Mr. Fu.”


Fu Sinian had an arrogant attitude. He looked at Zhao Chen coldly for a few moments before extending his hand and shook Zhao Chen’s hand.


“Some of you just had a great conversation with my wife. What were you talking about?”


Yu Duo snuggled beside Fu Sinian with a shallow smile on her lips.

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