The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 97

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

It was Zhao Chen who responded extremely fast with a glib tongue. His attitude seemed to have taken a complete turn. “Mr. Fu, don’t get me wrong. Mrs. Fu is just so dazzling tonight that I can’t help but want to get to know her more. Only now I realized why Mr. Fu never brought Mrs. Fu out together before. Mrs. Fu is indeed excellent. Mr. Fu really has good eyes. Both of you are really a match made in heaven.”


“Yeah, Mrs. Fu and Mr. Fu are a match made in heaven. It really makes me envious. I am only two years younger than Mr. Fu. But now Mr. Fu has a successful career and a beautiful wife. It’s really enviable.” Su Yang chimed in. 


Yu Duo listened quietly at one side to these people raving about them (Her & Fu Sinian) and felt elated.


Yu Duo didn’t speak a single word. Fu Sinian only spoke perfunctory, a word or two occasionally. He was indifferent from beginning to end and no changes in emotion could be seen on his face.


It’s all Zhao Chen and Su Yang singing their own monodrama. It became difficult to continue. After a dozen more perfunctory sentences, they left.


Yu Duo was relieved after several ‘Flower Envoys’ left.


(T/N: ‘Flower Envoys’ means men who are interested in a woman and they surround her.)


But thinking about it again, she was worried in vain. Zhao Chen and others would never admit that they were interested in her as long as Fu Sinian was still alive.


However, she must not let Fu Sinian know that she had communicated with them on WeChat before.


Mrs. Yu couldn’t stand it either and came up with an excuse to leave. She said with a smile, “I have matters to discuss with Guohui.”


After that she left.


The moment Mrs. Yu left, there was only Fu Sinian and Yu Duo alone. Yu Duo held Fu Sinian’s arms intimately, leaning against him with great dependence. She looked around timidly as if she was afraid of this kind of scene. She asked in a low voice, “Sinian, have you dealt with everything?”




“Then… when are we going home?”


Fu Sinian looked at her thoughtfully and didn’t answer the question at first. Instead, he held her hand and quietly put a ring on her ring finger.


“Wear it. Don’t drop it again.”


It was the wedding ring she lost.


Seeing the ring on her ring finger, Yu Duo was shocked. “This … where did you get this?”


She didn’t even know where she lost it. Did Fu Sinian somehow possess magical powers?! How did he find it?


“Didn’t it flushed down the toilet? I had someone find it in the sewers.”


“……” Yu Duo squeezed out a smile. “Thank you husband. You’re so nice. I’ll take good care of it in the future. I won’t lose it again.”


To show her sincerity, she put the ring on her ring finger and said in a sincere tone.


There was an endless stream of people at the entrance of the banquet hall. The latecomers heard that Fu Sinian was still alive. After the initial shock, they rushed to Fu Sinian and exchanged greetings with him. Gradually, a large crowd formed around them.


Consequently, after Yu Yang arrived, he did not see Fu Sinian but noticed Yu Duo’s back blending into the far away crowd.


He recognized the beautiful figure instantly.


Yu Yang quickly stepped forward and whispered in delighted tone: “Duoduo, why are you here today?”


Before Yu Duo could turn around to speak, Fu Sinian who was blocked by the crowd wrapped his arms around Yu Duo’s waist and looked at Yu Yang.


The crowd immediately dispersed.


Both parties were now side by side.


The smile on Yu Yang’s face stiffened after seeing Fu Sinian.


His pupils contracted, and with an incredulous expression he looked at Yu Duo.

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