The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 98

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

His pupils shrunk sharply, looking at Yu Duo incredulously.


Yu Yang had never met Fu Sinian himself. He hadn’t met him before going abroad. After returning home, he only saw Fu Sinian’s photo in the living room of Fu Family’s Villa.


Seeing Fu Sinian in the photo made him feel uncomfortable. He was very glad that he had died. Now when he saw him personally, that sensation of a looming crisis felt even worse.


Fu Sinian hugged Yu Duo’s waist as if he was proclaiming his sovereignty. He even made Yu Duo lean towards him and examined Yu Yang with a hostile gaze.


“Who is this gentleman called?”


Yu Yang’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and his hands clenched into a fist as if he was not reconciled. He suddenly realized the reason behind Yu Duo’s abnormality the past two days.


“I am Yu Yang.”


“Hello, Mr. Yu. I am Fu Sinian.”


Their gazes made contact and neither of them had any thought of a friendly handshake.


“Mr. Fu may not know Mr. Yu very well,” Someone immediately said politely. “Mr. Yu has just returned to China and now is taking over the Yu family business. Like Mr. Fu, he is also a rare young talent.”


Listening to this man’s compliment, Yu Duo understood that he was trying to flatter both Fu Sinian and Yu Yang.


“Oh?” Fu Sinian said with a smile, “It seems that in the three months when I was away, many young talents have appeared in S City like Mr. Zhao Chen and Mr. Su Yangsu that I met just now.”


Fu Sinian’s words seemed to be spoken casually, but in Yu Duo’s ears, they seemed to have deeper meaning.


He only mentioned these three men who have a little “gossip” with her. He was definitely indicating something else.


Yu Duo leaned on Fu Sinian’s side, appearing more and more lonely.


“Three months ago, Mr. Fu suffered an explosion on the yacht at sea, but now he is standing here intact. I think he has a long life but Mrs. Fu was heartbroken in those three months. Your secretary found a will from your safe. I don’t know why Mr. Fu divided 30% of his property to a woman who had no relations to him. Isn’t it a little bit excessive?”


When Yu Yang said this, people around him began to whisper.


If Yu Yang’s remarks were meant to raise justice for Yu Duo, it would have been good. However, if one examined it deeper, it was also Fu Sinian’s private matter. To whom he gave his property and to whom to not give his property was Fu Sinian’s personal entitlement. Yu Duo may have the qualification to question but what is the relationship between Yu Yang and Yu Duo? What qualifications did Yu Yang have to question Fu Sinian in public?


“Mr. Yu, actually, I have no need to answer you, but in order not to let my wife misunderstand me, I will still explain it to her,” Fu Sinian replied, holding Yu Duo’s hand. “That will was forged by my assistant Qiao Jiao. I have reported the matter to the police for investigation. I believe that there will be results soon.”


“Forgery?” Someone suddenly realized, “So it turned out to be what I have said. Mr. Fu’s character can’t be so bad. How could Mr. Fu commit adultery with other women!”


As soon as he said this, his voice echoed in the hall.


Yu Duo finally understood Fu Sinian’s motive of bringing her to this banquet.


It was not only to announce the news that “I am still alive”, but also to clarify on the will incident. After all, rumours of Fu Sinian having a bad character was not good for the company’s future development.


Moreover, hadn’t Fu Shinian been striving for the position of Top Ten Outstanding Young Businessmen?


A man with a reputation of infidelity in marriage could not be called an outstanding youth.


“Do you understand my explanation, Mr. Yu?”


Yu Yang squeezed out a formal smile. “I understand.”

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