The Widow Misses Her Villainous Late Husband Chapter 99

T/L: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Spirit Song and Lie

Yu Yang was really angry when he came to know Fu Sinian’s infidelity. He knew that Fu Sinian’s infidelity had hurted Yu Duo so he thought of using this opportunity to let Yu Duo see his good side again. He wanted to make Yu Duo completely disappointed in Fu Sinian and take this chance to make up with her. He even dreamed about being with her in future.


But now knowing that Fu Sinian’s infidelity was a misunderstanding, he suddenly felt a heavy sense of despair in his heart.


Yu Yang knew that Fu Sinian would not let Yu Duo go and Yu Duo would not leave him, unless Fu Sinian committed a mistake big enough to disappoint Yu Duo.


Then he looked at the two’s intimate cuddling and laughed at himself in his heart.


He had no chance.


“Mr. Qin is here.”


At the doorway, Qin Shao was with a sexy beauty and the two entered slowly.


After exchanging greetings with others, he turned his attention to Fu Sinian who was still exchanging greetings with everyone.


Yu Duo stood on one side and sipped juice. She behaved as a puppet and greeted everyone who conversed with Fu Sinian.


She knew in her heart that as Fu Sinian’s female companion, she should take on the responsibilities that a female companion should perform on such occasions, such as the former Qiao Jiao did.


Qin Shao led his female companion to come over.


Yu Duo felt that this man had ill-intentions.


Her gut instincts turned out to be correct indeed.


“This is …” Qin Shao’s female companion looked at Yu Duo with an apologetic smile on her face, “I’m sorry. Since Mr. Fu’s female companion has always been Miss Qiao, I don’t recognise this lady. This lady is… “


“My wife.”


“It turns out to be Mrs. Fu. I’m sorry. I have poor eyesight,” the woman replied  with a smile on her red lips.


“But this can’t be blamed on me. It’s Mr. Fu who never takes Mrs. Fu out. Every time I accompanied Mr. Qin to all kinds of banquets, I only saw Miss Qiao. Mr. Fu had a good helper. Miss Qiao is also beautiful and elegant. Whoever met Miss Qiao always praised her. Even Mr. Qin often praised Miss Qiao for her beauty and said that I can’t compare with Miss Qiao. I’m so jealous.”


Yu Duo raised her eyebrows.


This woman was trying to goad her.


Yu Duo who only said “Hello” all night greeted with a smile, “May I know who is this lady?”


“Mrs. Fu can just call me Chen Lu.”


“Miss Chen.” Yu Duo also smiled but it was filled with purity and harmlessness. “Yes, Miss Qiao is indeed the most beautiful and elegant woman I have ever met. What Mr. Qin said is also right. Miss Chen is indeed inferior to Miss Qiao but I think that a person must have a sincere heart unlike Miss Qiao who dares to forge a will. For those who dare to disobey the law, no matter how beautiful they are, only the cold prison awaits them. What does Miss Chen think?”


This remark not only belittled Chen Lu who was inferior to Qiao Jiao, but also remarked what Qiao Jiao did as useless.


Well said.


Fu Sinian hugged Yu Duo’s waist and quietly smiled.


Qin Shao said in a low voice, “Mrs. Fu is very eloquent. Mr. Fu has never brought you out all these years. It’s Mr. Fu’s total loss.”


Yu Duo smiled and said, “I don’t like going out nor do I like crowded occasions. Every time Sinian said that he wants to bring me, I rejected. Now that I think about it, if it wasn’t for my rejection, Qiao Jiao would have been able to take advantage of the opportunity. She almost took 30% of Sinian’s legacy. I always wonder why Qiao Jiao was so brave that she dared to… “

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