Transmigrating As A Mary Sue Character Chapter 31

Translated by: Parfait


The strokes of this painting were very simple. It was also in the form of a black-and-white picture. However, every stroke seemed to be alive, which infused the soul into the painting.


Amazingly, the simplest brush strokes can depict such a lively galloping horse.


Grandmother Shi was also a person who knows art. When she saw the painting, she immediately put on her eyes and looked at it repeatedly.


“It’s a wonderful painting. It’s like the horse is alive. The style is very unique. Ning Ning, grandma likes this painting so much. “


Shi Ning: “It’s good that grandmother likes it.”


Cao Shu: “This painting is really good. I don’t know which artist’s work it is. I’ll go to him and buy two of them some other day.”


What she said meant that Shi Ning had bought the painting and not painted by herself.


When Yu Chuyao saw the painting, her heart was still a little uneasy. 


Compared with Shi Ning’s painting, her painting was too flat and homely. But listening to Cao Shu’s words, Yu Chuyao’s pride came again. 


Oh, she didn’t know if she bought or painted it. If she wanted to pretend this painting was hers, Grandmother Shi surely won’t like it. A painting of this high-level, she could see that it’s bought. Shi Ning was still as stupid as ever.


“Ning Ning, you are really…Aren’t you ashamed to have bought such a good painting?” She said with a warm smile.


Shi Ning was usually arrogant and willful. Most people didn’t like her.


At this time, someone said sarcastically: “Taking others’ painting as your own, who is shameless?”


“No matter what you buy or paint, grandma likes it very much.”


“Children have to be honest, mom. You can’t pamper the younger generation.” Cao Shu said.


The atmosphere in the room was a little repressive. Shi Chen looked at his silent sister and came over to pull her mother’s sleeve.


“Mom, talk less.”


At the sight of her son defending Shi Ning, Cao Shu was even angrier. 


The two people she hated most in her life were Shi Zhanping and Mo Xue. Since she was their daughter, she was also extremely disgusted.


“What? Am I wrong? Shi Chen, listen to me well. Even if you send your mother a piece of grass, you can’t take other people’s things as your own. My child, you have to be honest.” She then looked up and down at Shi Ning.


“I can’t believe your mother taught you to lie at a young age.”


Mrs. Shi felt that when they divorced, the Shi family felt apologetic for Cao Shu, so even if she wasn’t her daughter-in-law, she loved her very much. Now that Cao Shu was acting aggressively, Grandmother Shi couldn’t say anything but half-agreed with her.


How could a woman like Mo Xue teach her children well? She was afraid that her granddaughter would be corrupted by her.


Grandmother Shi: “Ning Ning, your aunt Shu is right. Grandmother doesn’t like lying.”


Shi Ning: “I didn’t lie. I did paint it.”


After she finished this sentence, her eyes fell on Cao Shu. “What’s more, auntie, don’t talk to my mother that way. My mother at least taught me that there is no basis for facts. Don’t slander others easily. “


“I’m slandering you? Is it not clear what level you are?”


She turned her head and asked Shi Chen, “Xiao Chen, did she go to university as an art student?”


Shi Chen hesitated for a moment but chose to tell the truth. “No.”


Cao Shu looked at Shi Ning as if she got the evidence.


“Although Chu Yao had learned how to paint, she couldn’t paint like this. You’ve never learned how to do it. It’s not a big deal whether you bought or painted it. I believe Grandmother Shu will like it anyway. Why lie?”


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