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Transmigrating As A Mary Sue Character Chapter 7

Translated by: Parfait


After Jin Sihan finished speaking, Nan Xiao’s cold voice spoke from behind.


“Junior*, you need spanking these days.”


Nan Xiao was afraid that he had not beaten his junior enough recently.


“Hey, I’m just kidding. Shi Ning can’t recite it anyway.” Jin Sihan said with a smile.


It made sense when Nan Xiao thought about it, so he continued to read his comic book with legs folded.


The boys in the class burst into laughter.


“Who dares to be the father of Nan Xiao? I’m afraid his life would not be long enough.”


“I’ll call them father if they can recite this.”


A girl who sat in the back, whispered, in a disdainful face, “She definitely can’t do it, and is pretending to be smart.”


The person next to her pulled her, “Keep your voice down. Even if you feel good when Shi Ning hears you, don’t forget how miserable Song Hui became when she contradicted her last time. If it was not for the protection of Tong Lu and young master Nan Xiao, she would have been unable to stay at school.”


The girl closed her mouth quickly.


“Be quiet! You can’t sit still before class is over?”


Seeing the noise in the classroom, the teacher stood up and supervised strictly.


After the classmates calmed down, Teacher Yang looked at Shi Ning who was sitting in her seat.


When the teacher asked who could recite this, she was the only who raised her hand.


Unlike the other classmates, Shi Ning had already started translating articles by herself at this time, and had started working on the exercises in the workbook.




Teacher Yang suspected that he had seen a fake Shi Ning.


She used to be one of the most difficult students to discipline just like Nan Xiao.


They were rebellious and disobedient, but their family had power and owned most of the shares in school. The teachers really couldn’t do anything to them no matter how much mess they created.


“Student Shi Ning, do you think you can memorize this article?” Teacher Yang asked.


Shi Ning stood up and nodded: “I can try.”


“Don’t act so brave. This article is a bit hard.” The teacher was afraid that she would do something impulsive.


Shi Ning was very innocent: “I’m not acting brave.”


She would only raise her hand if she could really memorize it.


“Then you try it.” Teacher Yang said, then added. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t memorize it, just try your best.”


Shi Ning closed the textbook and began to recite .


“There are many bamboo in the land of Huanggang…”


Shi Ning memorized a large section of the classical Chinese texts, except for the pronunciation of a word in the middle, there was nothing wrong.


The teachers and classmates were all shocked.


Teacher Yang asked: “Have you read this article before?”


Shi Ning shook her head: “No, today is the first time I read this article.”


Teacher Yang was surprised: “The first time? You can recite in just a few minutes?”


Although the text was not long, it was hard to memorize it.


Shi Ning: “I’m not good at anything else, other than my memory.”


The only thing she was better than others since she was a child was her memory.


She didn’t expect that after transmigrating as Shi Ning, her strength still existed.


“Why have I never seen you show it before?”


Teacher Yang would not believe that Shi Ning had this talent if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.


Shi Ning smiled and said nothing.


What could she say? Would she tell the teacher that the soul of this body had changed?


Teacher Yang asked her to sit down and said with emotion: “It turns out that your learning ability is good, and this teacher underestimated you. Since you have this talent, you must study hard in the future. As long as you are willing to work hard and focus on learning, your grades will improve quickly.” 


After the bell rang, the class was in uproar as soon as the teacher walked out.


“Awesome! Shi Ning, I didn’t expect you to be a hidden god!”


“Maybe because you almost went through the devil’s gate, Lord Yama gave you a brain that can work very well, otherwise how can you explain this?”


“If I heard it correctly, Brother Nan Xiao seemed to have promised something just now.”


“You are not alone, I also heard.”


“So in the future, Brother Xiao will call Shi Ning father?”


“Didn’t Shi Ning like Brother Xiao for a long time? Before, he ignored her, but now, he would be calling Shi Ning his father.”


As the discussion in the class became louder and louder, Nan Xiao couldn’t stand it any longer and kicked the table with his feet.


Nan Xiao: “What’s the noise!”


When he kicked the table, the whole class fell into silence.


Nan Xiao’s face was extremely ugly. He never expected Shi Ning, whose test scores were worse than him, to be able to recite the article.


He had really underestimated her.


He had always kept a good face. Since he promised, it would be too shameful if he failed to do it.


Nan Xiao raised his leg and walked forward. When passing by Jin Sihan, he almost couldn’t hold back a slap when he saw his optimistic face.


“You wait for me.”


If it weren’t for Jin Sihan, would he agree to this kind of mentally r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲ condition which was not even beneficial to him.


Jin Sihan touched his nose, “I didn’t mean it, Brother Xiao. Who the hell would have imagined she could recite it?”


He looked towards Lin Suno: “Suno, have you memorized the article?”


Lin Suno shook his head.


Jin Sihan: “You see! Even the person who ranks first can’t recite it! Shi Ning is going against the sky.”


“Since she defied the order, it’s not too much for Brother Xiao to call her your father according to the promise.”


T/N: Nan Xiao is addressing himself as an adult–high and mighty, so calling Jin Sihan as junior can be regarded as calling him a kid.


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