Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 1

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Lin Feilu died on the night of her 27th Birthday.


In the previous years, she used to hold a birthday party at the beach house, partying with her friends until dawn. Even the gifts from her parents were sent there in advance.


However, she happened to have gastroenteritis this time. She went to the hospital in the morning to get some medicine and went back to the nearby high-rise building in the city center. She lay in her bedroom and slept for a day.


She was awakened by the noise in the living room at night.


After her parents separated, they had lived in their own separate houses, but the house in the city center was jointly owned by the two and was left empty for a long time. When Lin Feilu walked out clutching her stomach, she saw her stylishly dressed mother rolling on the couch with a little wolf dog.


(T/N: “Little wolf dog” means a young handsome boy.)


Lin Feilu froze for two seconds before going back to her bedroom to change clothes. After that, she slammed the door before leaving the house.


When she reached the garage, her mother called and asked her, “Why are you here? Didn’t you go to the party?”


Lin Feilu opened the door of Lamborghini. She didn’t answer but asked, “Have you two divorced?”


“No,” said Mother Lin.


A smile with a slight trace of nausea appeared on her face as she said, “I don’t know what you are thinking.” Before Mother Lin could say anything, she added, “You continue. You can rest assured that I won’t tell dad.”


This was just like how she didn’t tell her mother when she saw her father take someone to the villa.


The couple had been playing their own game since she was a child. She had seen a lot of things that she shouldn’t or mustn’t see in those years. Apart from being nauseated, she had no other feelings for them now.


When she was about to hang up, the person on the other line said as if remembering, “Happy birthday, dear.”


Lin Feilu started the car, “Thank you.”


The car drove on the coastal road and the phone rang again. It was her toxic friend who called and shouted, “You finally answered the phone! We are in DC. Are you coming?” After speaking, she lowered her voice and then her tone became a little excited. “Xie He is here too, saying that he will apologize on behalf of his girlfriend regarding the incident last time! Oh no, it’s already an ex-girlfriend. Let her pour you coffee, she deserves it!”


Her stomach started to ache again. She covered it with her one hand while the other stayed on the steering wheel, “I’m not coming. You guys play.”


Her toxic friend was startled, “What about Xie He?”


Lin Feilu said with a smile, “I don’t care about him.”


The opposite party became speechless, “He broke up with his girlfriend because of you.”


Lin Feilu replied casually, “Neither did I tell him to break up nor did I do anything.”


There was silence on the other end.


There was another bout of sharp pain in her stomach. Lin Feilu lowered her head in pain and reached out to hang up the phone. Suddenly, there was a loud screeching sound of brakes in front and a large truck skidded over at a high speed.


Lin Feilu fiercely turned the steering wheel. Her car hit the guard rail and flew down towards the sea cliff below.


When Lin Feilu was in mid-air,  her heart was calm and there was only one thought in her mind.


Sure enough, if you do too many bad things, you will get retribution. In the next life, I will be a good person.


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