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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 10

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


Concubine Xu said in a hurried tone, “It seems that the evil spirit has been eliminated. When the Fifth Princess wakes up, there should no longer be any major problems.”


After saying these words, Concubine Xu quickly retreated with her tail between her legs.


Xiao Lan hugged Lin Feilu and paid no attention to them. She carried her into the residence with the help of Yunyou and Qingyan. Lin Feilu did not want to excessively frighten them. After all, Xiao Lan’s body was weak and could not withstand too much stress. So, as soon as they entered her room, she opened her eyes ‘weakly’ and called out, “Mother”.


Xiao Lan immediately burst into tears. While wiping Lin Feilu’s body with a warm, damp cloth, she asked Yunyou to fetch the imperial doctor.


This time, she had made up her mind to blow up this matter. A mere concubine actually dared to attack an imperial princess. Although it was normal for concubines to have a fight among themselves, this was crossing the line.


Lin Feilu did not try to stop her either. She just continued to lay in bed with her eyes closed while thinking about what to do next.


With her experience in the past few days, she had understood that the Imperial Harem was a place where one could never stay away from trouble. Even if one did not look for trouble, trouble would come looking for you.


Anyone who continued to live as a good person within this Imperial Harem would only end up suffering like Xiao Lan — an easy prey for others to trample on.


In ancient times, it was common for children to die during infancy. Currently she was only five years old. Even if her soul was an adult’s, her body was still that of a frail young girl. It was difficult to tell whether she could even survive a hypothetical attempt on her life.


Then again, even if she was able to grow up safe and sound, she would have only lived in vain if she were to be attacked as an adult.


She originally thought that it was time for her to enjoy life in retirement, but unexpectedly she had transmigrated into a battle arena known as the Imperial Harem.


Actually, fighting was good too. Otherwise, wouldn’t her high DPS skills be wasted? She wanted to see whether this Imperial Harem could take her on and withstand her ferocious assaults.


The imperial doctor heard that the Fifth Princess had fainted, so he rushed over quickly. On the way, he heard the whole story from Yunyou and also felt that Concubine Xu had overstepped her boundaries.


Lin Feilu originally had a weak physical constitution, and she was still recovering from the drowning incident from a few days ago. The imperial doctor came over and concluded that she was merely too frail and that she fainted from shock. He wrote a prescription and instructed Xiao Lan to pay attention to her diet.


Xiao Lan wanted to make something good for Lin Feilu but she burst into tears when she remembered the pitiful amount of food left in their stores.


When everyone in the room had left, she sat beside the bed. Holding Lin Feilu’s hand, she said in a choked voice, “It’s all mother’s fault. I didn’t protect Feilu.”


Lin Zhanyang was also crying and said, “Beat up the bad guys! Beat up the bad guys!”


Lin Feilu was having a little headache.


Xiao Lan suddenly reminded her of a roommate from her university days.


This roommate of hers had good looks and a good temper, unfortunately she had a low self-esteem. She was afraid of getting into trouble and would only cry when she was being bullied. She did not even know how to retaliate as her boyfriend was snatched away by another woman. She hid in her bedroom and cried for several days, only blaming herself.


Lin Feilu was really tired of such people.


Although she felt annoyed, she still decided to help her friend by snatching her ex-boyfriend away from his lover. Immediately afterwards, she dumped him, making that scumbag experience, first-hand, the pain of being abandoned.


In fact, people like Xiao Lan were still in the majority in this world. They turned big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all. They did everything thinking that being a pacifist was enough. They were especially afraid of causing and getting into trouble.


However, this was normal. If everyone in this world behaved like Lin Feilu, then this world probably would have been reduced to ashes by now.


Lin Feilu calmly asked Xiao Lan, “Mother, why doesn’t Father like us?”


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