Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 11

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Lin Feilu calmly asked Xiao Lan, “Mother, why doesn’t the father like us?”


Xiao Lan answered without thinking much about it, “Because I am not favored, His Majesty doesn’t like you either.”


Lin Feilu asked again, “Mother is so beautiful, much better than the Imperial Concubine Jing. Why doesn’t father like you?”


Xiao Lan was stunned for a moment. She fell in a trance of recollection. She didn’t realize that her daughter was acting strange. She thought that she was just frightened and feeling wronged tonight. After a while, she whispered back, “I shouldn’t be telling you about these things but there is nothing to hide now. I married His Majesty because of my family. After entering the palace, I became one of the most favoured Concubine. However, I soon began to be sick all the time. His Majesty thought that I was being indifferent and uninteresting so he gradually stopped coming to Mingyue palace. Later…”


Later, she gave birth to Lin Zhanyuan and was promoted from a Concubine to a Noble Lady. However, as the child grew up, the abnormality gradually became apparent. Knowing this, the emperor couldn’t bear that he had a foolish son. He despised and blamed Xiao Lan for the child’s condition.


(T/N: I want to clarify that “Noble Lady” is not a rank of Harem but more like a title given to someone who is treasured by the emperor. We didn’t clarify this before as it would have been confused with Harem ranks.)


Before the abnormality of Lin Zhanyuan appeared, although Xiao Lan was not favored by the emperor, the emperor liked her beautiful appearance so he would occasionally come to Mingyue palace. Her life then was not as bad as now.


However, Xiao Lan completely fell out of favor after that incident. The emperor wished that he did not have this son, so he simply forgot the existence of the mother and son.


At that time, Xiao Lan was pregnant with the fifth princesses. When she gave birth, the imperial doctor informed the emperor but he did not even want to take a look. The son was stupid and the daughter was estimated not to be much better.


Xiao Lan fell out of favor and became a joke in the harem because of her stupidity. Even the Xiao family abandoned her.


They sent her to the palace to seek a better future. Now that all the prospects were broken, they only sent a letter to warn her that this matter had already come to an end. She must not cause any further problems and implicate her family.


That’s the reason why she lived so carefully. Even if her family had abandoned her, she still had to take care of her parents.


Xiao Lan was not terribly scared tonight. At first she was answering Lin Feilu, but then it gradually became a self-talking memory. She had lived such a hard life in the palace all these years. How could she not be aggrieved? She just had no choice but to bear it.


After listening to this old story, Lin Feilu didn’t feel any disturbance in her heart and even wanted to whistle.


The difficulty of this ‘game’ was higher than she imagined. It seemed that before killing the boss, she had to attack a few NPCs and win the life-saving buff bonus.


As we all know, the biggest NPC in the palace was the emperor.


Judging from the current situation, it was a little difficult to attack the Emperor.


Then, let’s take a step back and attack the emperor’s son first.


Lin Zhanyuan ranked sixth so didn’t she still have several other brothers?


‘I wonder if these half brothers are good-looking.’


‘Oh, that’s not the main point.’

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