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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 12

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


The most important thing she must do now was to eliminate any mob characters first before she could move on to capture her key targets.


Mob character: Concubine Xu.


Concubine Xu dared to openly bully them because she thoroughly understood Xiao Lan’s character. She never had to worry that Xiao Lan would fight back at all. Although Concubine Xu was also not favored, she could oppress others to her heart’s content because she was a subordinate of Noble Consort Ruan, who was favored by the courts in the Imperial Palace.


After causing the Fifth Princess to faint, Concubine Xu was still feeling a little uneasy and could not sleep that night. Hongxiu reassured her by saying, “His Majesty may not even remember the existence of this princess. Surely, my lady, you have no need to worry about that woman lodging any complaints. As soon as His Majesty lays his eyes on her, I fear that His Majesty would only be reminded of that foolish son of hers and immediately get angry.”


Concubine Xu thought about it and agreed. Such a scenario was most likely to happen!


What was there to worry about? I just wanted to help get rid of evil spirits. Besides, it’s too late to do anything now. I even let that little girl off lightly.


After figuring this out, she relaxed her nerves and went to bed. But when she woke up the next day, she still ordered Hongxiu to inquire about the situation in the side residence. Unexpectedly, as soon as Hongxiu left the main residence, she was surprised to see Lin Feilu standing in the courtyard.


Both the main residence building and the side residence building faced the main entrance of Mingyue Palace. There was a pomegranate tree that stood near the entrance of the main residence. During winter, its leaves had fallen; its branches and buds were bare. The morning mist had not yet cleared, but Lin Feilu was seen standing there alone, fully dressed in red, with no expression on her small face. She just silently stared at the pomegranate tree.


The courtyard was usually empty during this time in the morning, so she was surprised to see Lin Feilu standing there in silence. At first, Hong Xie was spooked by her sudden appearance, but that feeling was soon replaced by anger. She raised her voice and questioned in a displeased tone, “Fifth Princess, what are you doing standing there?”


The little girl seemed to have not heard her as she was not paying any attention to her presence. She just continued to stare at the tree.


Hongxiu followed her gaze and looked at the tree. There aren’t any leaves on the tree. What’s so interesting about it? She could not help but to continue questioning, “Fifth princess, what are you looking at?”


Lin Feilu slowly retracted her sight.


She looked at Hongxiu. The corners of her mouth slowly curled upwards, forming a menacing yet eerie smile. In a soft voice, she gently blurted out a few words, “There is someone up there.”


Looking at Lin Feilu’s creepy smile, paired with her eerie message, Hongxiu instantly felt goosebumps all over her body. Terrified, she took a quick glance at the pomegranate tree before she hurriedly scurried back into the main residence and slammed the doors shut.


Lin Feilu wiped dry the sides of her temples which were dampened by the morning mist, then turned around to go back inside the side residence as if nothing had ever happened.


Inside the side residence, Yunyou informed Xiao Lan, “The little princess said she wanted to watch the sunrise, so she went to the courtyard and waited early this morning.” 


Seeing Lin Feilu had returned, she asked with a smile, “Was the sunrise wonderful today, princess?”


Lin Feilu’s lips turned into a smile and replied, “Yes, it was wonderful.”


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