Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 12

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The point was, she must kill the small mobs first before attacking the little NPC.


Small mob: Concubine Xu.


Concubine Xu actually dared to bully them so blatantly because she understood Xiao Lan’s character thoroughly. She was not worried that Xiao Lan would fight back at all. Although she was not favored either, she could bully others because she was a henchman of Noble Consort Ruan, who was always favored in the palace.


After knocking out the fifth princess, she was still feeling a little uneasy and couldn’t sleep. Hong Xiu came over and confronted her, “His Majesty may not even know the existence of this princess. Do you even need to worry about her going to complain? I am afraid that His Majesty will immediately think of that fool as soon as he sees her. He might even get angry.”


Concubine Xu thought about it and felt that this was really the case!


What to worry about, but in order to help her exorcism, what’s more, she has no time to do, cheap that little girl film.


What is there to worry about? I want to help her get rid of evil spirits. Besides, it’s too late to do anything and I even let off that little girl lightly.


After figuring this out, she relaxed and went to bed. But when she woke up the next day, she still sent Hong Xiu to the side hall to inquire about the situation. Unexpectedly, as soon as Hong Xiu left the courtyard, she was taken aback by Lin Feilu standing in the yard of the side hall.


The side hall was facing the gate of the main hall. A pomegranate tree stood in the yard of the side hall near the entrance of the main hall. During winter, the leaves of the pomegranate tree fell and its branches and buds were bare. The morning mist had not yet dispersed and Lin Feilu could be seen standing there alone with no expression on her little face. She was just silently staring at the pomegranate tree.


The yard was usually empty in the morning so she was surprised to see Lin Feilu suddenly appear there silently. At first, Hong Xie was scared because there were rumors about evil spirits spreading around, but it was soon replaced by anger. She raised her voice and asked in a displeased tone, “Fifth Princess, what are you doing standing there?”


The little girl seemed to have not heard her as she hadn’t noticed her presence. She just continued to raise her head and stare at the tree.


Hong Xiu followed her gaze and looked at the tree. There was no leaf on the tree. What’s so interesting about it? She couldn’t help but ask, “Fifth princess, what are you looking at?”


Lin Feilu slowly retracted her sight.


She looked at Hong Xie and the corners of her mouth curled upward very slowly, forming a menacing but gentle smile. She gently spit out a few words in a low voice, “There is someone up there.”


Looking at Lin Feilu’s gloomy smile, her red clothes in mist, and hearing her eerie words, Hong Xie felt goosebumps all over her body. She then glanced at the pomegranate tree in horror which was looking slightly blood red because of sunrise. She couldn’t bear it anymore. She hurriedly ran back to the main hall and slammed the door shut.


Lin Feilu brushed aside the hair that had been wet by the mist on her temples and turned around to go back inside as if nothing had happened.


In the side hall, Yun You informed Xiao Lan, “The little princess said she wants to watch the sunrise. She went to the yard to wait in the early morning.” Seeing Lin Feilu coming back, she asked with a smile, “Is the sunrise beautiful, princess?”


Lin Feilu pursed her lips and smiled, “Very beautiful.”

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