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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 14

Edited by Jelly Mae and Spirit Song


Among all the imperial princes, the Fourth Prince, Lin Jingyuan, was infamous as a troublemaker and was often punished by the Emperor for his misdemeanors. However, he was the one who most resembled the Emperor among all the other princes. The Emperor naturally favored him because of this. At most, the Emperor would only scold him and do nothing else. As such, this Fourth Prince only grew to become more daring in his mischiefs.


If they were to get entangled in trouble with him, the only one who will suffer would be the little princess.


Qingyan was anxious, but Lin Feilu was as calm as she always was.


In short, he’s just a spoiled brat.


There were many ways to deal with a spoiled brat. As long as she could figure out her target’s personality, she could adopt a corresponding strategy that was most suitable to the situation in order to conquer them. 


She did not rush but stood behind a tree and observed Lin Jingyuan in secret. Every Green Tea had this innate skill to accurately analyze a person’s character. They could easily identify their personality type and determine which strategies they were most likely to eat up, then she would act on them and behave accordingly.


Moreover, children were much simpler and easier to assess than adults.


After observing for a long time, Lin Feilu felt that although Lin Jingyuan was a willful and unruly child, there was no malice in his heart.Although the servants attempted to coax him by mentioning the Emperor and Consort Xian, the boy would just ignore them as he continued to energetically climb up the tree.


However, the servants below him began to kneel down and started crying. The prince could not take much more of this and said, “If Father and Mother punished all of you, I will just plead for forgiveness on your behalf. What’s there to be so afraid of? Here, this reddest persimmon is for you.”


A classic character who eats soft food but refuses hard food.


(T/N: A person who “eats soft food but refuses hard food” is someone who is amenable to soft approaches but rejects forceful coercion.)


He climbed up high and looked far away. After picking the persimmons, he looked around and saw a few figures standing near the arched gate, but they were obscured and hidden behind a tree. He immediately called out, “Who is over there? Don’t make this prince come over there!”


Qingyan’s heart nearly jumped out as she thought they were done for.


She pulled Lin Feilu along and knelt down, not daring to meet his eyes, “This lowly servant greets the Fourth Prince.”


Lin Jingyuan was still standing atop the tree and looked down from above. There was a little girl standing next to the palace maid. Fully-robed in red, she was a fair child with snow-white skin and her hair was tied up with a cute hairpin.


She stood quietly under the tree as her eyes discreetly looked upwards. When her watery doe eyes met with Lin Jingyuan’s eyes, she smiled timidly and bowed her head somewhat shyly.


Lin Jingyuan jumped down from the tree and sized her up with an imposing look. “Who are you?”


Her response was soft and sweet. “My name is Little Feilu.”


The eunuch beside him advised, “Fourth Prince, this is the Fifth Princess.”


The Emperor did not care about this princess so she was rarely mentioned in the Imperial Palace. Moreover, Lin Jingyuan was a carefree child. He had regular encounters with the Eldest Princess and the Third Princess, but had never even heard of this Fifth Princess until now.


He raised his eyebrows: “So you are my younger imperial sister? Then why were you hiding behind a tree?”


Lin Feilu discreetly lifted her eyes and stared at the red persimmon in his hand. She then pursed her lips, swallowed her saliva, and whispered hesitantly, “I want to eat persimmons.”


After she finished speaking, she shifted her gaze to him and asked timidly, “May I?”


Her eyelashes were long and lush. With her watery doe eyes, it was as if her eyes were enveloped by a layer of mist, evoking a sense of pity from anyone who looked at her.


Lin Jingyuan immediately gave in and waved his hand in big motions, “Of course! Of course you may eat them!” He said to the eunuch beside him, “Give her all the persimmons I had just picked!”


The eunuch quickly handed the bamboo basket over to her.


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