Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 14

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The fourth prince Lin Jingyuan loved to cause trouble and was often punished by the emperor for this. However, he was the one who resembled the emperor most among all the princes. The emperor naturally favored him because of this. At most, the Emperor would only scold him and nothing else so he was used to being domineering.


If there was a conflict with him, it would definitely be the little princess who would suffer.


Qing Yan was anxious, but Lin Feilu was as calm as ever.


So, he is just a spoiled brat.


There were many ways to deal with a spoiled brat. As long as she figured out his character, she could adopt a corresponding strategy to deal with this NPC. The person with different personalities needed a different strategy .


She didn’t rush things but stood behind a tree and kept observing Lin Jingyuan in secret. Every Green Tea had an innate skill which was to precisely judge a person. They could easily identify what kind of personality other party had, what kind of people they liked most, and then they could behave accordingly.


Moreover, children were more simple and easier to be ‘judged’ than adults.


After observing for a long time, Lin Feilu felt that Lin Jingyuan was willful and unruly, but his heart was not bad. Even if servants tried to pressure him with the name of emperor and Consot Xian, he just ignored them and continued to climb vigorously.


However, the servants underneath knelt down and started crying. The prince couldn’t bear it anymore and said, “If the father and mother punished you all, I will help you plead. What are you afraid of? Here, this reddest persimmon is rewarded to you.”


He was typically someone who would eat soft food, but refuse hard food.


(T/N: “Eats soft food, but refuses hard food” means amenable to coaxing but not coercion.)


He climbed high and looked far away. After picking the persimmons, he looked back. He saw a person standing on the side of the arch, but half hidden behind the tree. He immediately said loudly, “Who is over there? Don’t make this prince come over there!”


Qing Yan’s heart thumped and she felt that they were done for.


She pulled Lin Feilu over and knelt down on the group, not daring to meet his eyes, “The servant has seen the fourth prince.”


Lin Jingyuan was still standing on the tree and was looking down from there. There was a little girl standing next to the palace maid. She had worn a red jacket and skirt. Her hair was tied with a cute hairpin.


She stood quietly under the tree and looked up secretly. When Shui Jingyuan’s eyes were on her, she smiled timidly and bowed her head somewhat shyly.


Lin Jingyuan jumped down from the tree and sized her up with an imposing act. “Who are you?”


Her voice was soft and sweet. “My name is Little Feilu.”


The eunuch next to him reminded, “Fourth prince, this is the fifth princess.”


The Emperor didn’t care about this princess so she was seldom mentioned in the palace. Lin Jingyuan was a carefree child. He only met the Eldest Princess and the third princess, and have never heard of the fifth princess.


(T/N: Eldest Princess means the sister of the Emperor, not his daughter.)


He raised his eyebrows: “Then you are my imperial sister? What are you hiding there for?”


Lin Feilu secretly raised her eyes and glanced over the red persimmon in his hand. She then pursed her lips, swallowed her saliva, and whispered hesitantly, “I want to eat persimmons.”


After she finished speaking, she raised her eyes to look at him and asked timidly, “Can I?”


Her eyelashes were long and dense along with a pair of watery eyes. It was as if they were enveloped by a layer of mist, making people feel pity.


Lin Jingyuan immediately gave in and waved his hand very boldly, “Of course! What can’t you do!” He said to the eunuch beside him, “Give her all the persimmons I just picked!”


The eunuch quickly handed over the bamboo basket.

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