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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 15

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


Lin Feilu’s eyes brightened and a happy smile appeared on her beautiful face. She reached out to take the bamboo basket, but her body staggered because it was too heavy.


Lin Jingyuan was quick to notice and he quickly extended his hand to support her. He grumbled unhappily, “Let your palace maid carry it.”


Qingyan was still kneeling down out of fear of angering the Fourth Prince. She had no idea how things ended up this way. She immediately stood up, picked up the bamboo basket and retreated to one side.


Lin Feilu put her hands together, tilted her head and smiled sweetly at Lin Jingyuan. The autumnal sunlight was cast upon the red persimmons and reflected its glow on her face. Her dimple seemed to be full of warmth and sweetness. “Thank you, brother.”


Seeing her smile made Lin Jingyuan feel a little embarrassed.


He was accustomed to seeing his Eldest Sister’s arrogance and his Third Sister’s unruliness. Moreover, his mother, Consort Xian, did not get along with the Eldest Princess’s mother, Consort Hui. He actually disliked his older sister, let alone his eldest sister’s little follower, the third sister.


However, this Fifth Princess, who he had never seen before, was completely different. She was tender and fragile. She looked beautiful and cute when she smiled. She wanted to eat persimmons but was also afraid to do so. These little things had aroused his young chivalrous spirit as his desire to protect her was reaching the apex.


Lin Feilu seemed to have remembered something. She took out an Asiatic apple flower that she picked up before and handed it over to him in a serious manner. “Mother said that one should return as good as one receives. Since brother gave me persimmons, I will give you this double-petaled apple flower. They say that double-petaled flowers will bring good fortune, it’s very rare to find one. “


As if she were reluctant to let go, she looked at the flower for a period of time before she resolutely put it into Lin Jingyuan’s hands.


The flower had been in her sleeves for some time and its petals were imparted with the warmth of her body. When it was placed into Lin Jingyuan’s palm, it felt soft and warm.


Lin Jingyuan’s ears turned red.


What a peerless little cutie! Such a rare lucky flower was actually given to me. She was obviously very reluctant, but she did not hesitate at all!


After she gave the flower, Lin Feilu waved at him and bade farewell sweetly, “Goodbye, brother.”


She walked out with Qingyan. When she reached the arched gate, she secretly turned around and smiled at Lin Jingyuan.


In a garden full of red persimmons under the autumn sun, Lin Feilu’s smile was especially enchanting. It was 30% shy and 70% adorable. Looking at her smile, Lin Jingyuan felt as if his heart had melted and was grinning from ear to ear.


After walking far away, Qingyan who was in cold sweat all this time finally heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at the persimmons in her hand and then to the little princess who was acting as if nothing had happened. She couldn’t help but to ask, “Princess, does a double-petaled flower really bring luck? Why haven’t I heard of this before?”


Lin Feilu did not answer and only smiled in return.


I haven’t heard of it either.




The persimmons in the bamboo basket were big, red, and heavy. In the past, they could never get this many persimmons. They could only occasionally pick one or two to relieve their craving. This was because there were many unspoken rules in the Imperial Palace. Xiao Lan had to be especially careful because of her situation. She could never simply leave Mingyue Palace to pick fruits in the garden as it could easily be spun into a subject of ridicule.


However, today these persimmons were given by the Fourth Prince, and there were about a dozen of them. Not only could they eat until their stomachs were filled, the remaining persimmons could also be sun-dried and stored. If they could not finish them today, they could also pickle them and make persimmon cake. With this, the little princess and the sixth prince would definitely have enough snacks to eat.


Qingyan did not think there was anything wrong with her princess today. Instead, she felt that the little princess was just too cute, and any normal person would naturally adore her!


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