Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 16

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On the way back, they passed through a row of orange groves. Lin Feilu looked around. No one knew what went through her mind but she stopped and said to Qing Yan, “I want to pick some oranges.”


Qing Yan said, “Autumn is the season for oranges. The ones grown here are only for viewing purposes. They are not edible as they are very sour.”


Lin Feilu didn’t listen to her, “I want two.”


Qing Yan didn’t know how to persuade her anymore and finally went to pick a few small oranges. You can tell that they were sour with just a glance. Lin Feilu wrapped the oranges and put them in her sleeves before returning to MingyueCourtyard.


Xiao Lan and Yun You were still doing needlework in the yard. When they saw the basket of persimmons brought by Qingyan, their expressions changed and they were about to blame her. Qingy Yan told her about everything with a happy expression on her face.


Xiao Lan was a little surprised after hearing everything. She glanced at Lin Feilu who was crouching in the yard and digging out the ant’s nest with Lin Zhanyuan. She didn’t think much about it. She just thought that the fourth prince was in a good mood today. She told Qing Yan to peel persimmons for the two children.


Lin Feilu sat on the threshold with a sweet and glutinous persimmon in her hand and nibbled at it while looking at the closed door of the main hall opposite.


She heard Yun You and Xiao Lan’s conversation just now. The other party had not opened the door until now. Lin Feilu was very satisfied with the other side’s reaction. She just said that there was someone on the tree and the other party got frightened so much. This proved that the direction of her plan this time was right.


It was only in the afternoon that the gate of the main hall opened slowly. The setting sun sprinkled over the courtyard and the pomegranate tree. Concubine Xu who was supported by Hong Xiu first glanced at the pomegranate tree a little evasively and then walked out in a hurry.


Lin Feilu sat on the doorstep and stared at her. Concubine Xu glanced in her direction. She felt that the little girl was looking at her but also at something else at the same time. It was very evil.


She didn’t go out until the evening. Lin Feilu had already finished dinner by this time and was playing the Shadow Stepping game with Lin Zhanyuan in the yard.


As soon as Concubine Xu came in, the two children stopped laughing. In Lin Zhanyuan’s eyes, she was a bad person. His mother said that he should stay away from the bad person, so he pulled his sister and ran back.


Lin Feilu didn’t move. She just stood there in a daze with a blank expression on her face, looking at her intently.


Concubine Xu was so annoyed that she wanted to teach her a lesson. When she got closer, she found that Lin Feilu was not looking at her, but behind her.


She turned her head abruptly and found no one there.


When she turned her head, she saw Lin Feilu shrink back with some fear. Her big eyes were still staring at the position behind her, revealing her unabashed fear.


Concubine Xu suddenly felt a chill run down her spine and a layer of cold sweat appeared on her back. She was feeling creepy for some unknown reason.


Hong Xiu also noticed that and said after mustering her courage: “What are you looking at, fifth princess?”


Lin Feilu didn’t answer her this time. She turned around and ran back to the side hall while pulling Lin Zhanyuan’s hand as if terrified. She slammed the door shut without turning her head back.

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