Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 18

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Two people came to visit the main hall today, one was an eminent monk while the other was an imperial doctor. It was told that Concubine Xu had a fever and was talking nonsense. All the servants around her were so scared that they also all fell ill. Concubine Xu was a very good henchman. When Noble Consort Ruan heard about this, she immediately sent two people to help.


The owner of the main hall was sick, and as the concubine of the side hall, Xiao Lan couldn’t ignore it. Xiao Lan also came to visit with Qing Yan. Lin Feilu naturally followed them. As soon as Concubine Xu, who was reclining on the bed drinking medicine, saw her, her back began to feel cold again.


Concubine Xu was so frightened that she became haggard overnight and only fell asleep after drinking the medicine.


There were people coming and going in the hall, carrying water and medicine. No one noticed that Lin Feilu sprinkled a bowl of sugar water on the ground in front of Concubine Xu’s bed. Because Concubine Xu was feeling cold, there was a charcoal fire burning in the room. The temperature of the room was very high. The sugar water dried soon after it was sprinkled, leaving no trace behind.


At noon, Noble Consort Ruan sent someone to ask about Concubine Xu’s condition.


The palace maid working under Noble Consort Ruan went to the main hall. Just as she pushed open the door and went inside, her scream resounded.


The people outside came running hearing the scream.


The face of Noble Consort Rong’s palace maid turned pale: “Insects! Lots of insects!”


Everyone saw that the area in front of Concubine Xu’s bed was covered with ants and bugs. They were densely packed, making people feel goosebumps.


The onlookers immediately got nervous and afraid, and began to whisper to each other.


“Is it true that Concubine Xu also became the target of evil spirit?”


“Haven’t the eminent monks read the Scriptures?”


“Evil spirit seemed to be filled with resentments. God knows what evil doings that person has committed. We’d better leave as soon as we finish our work. Let them solve their problems on their own.”


Noble Consort Rong’s palace maid was very frightened. After a quick look, she immediately returned to Yunxi Palace and reported the matter.


There was one empress and two noble consorts in the palace. As the daughter of the left minister, Noble Consort Ruan had huge influence because of her family power and had been in favor since she entered the palace. She sent people to take care of Concubine Xu not because she cared about her, but because people in the palace knew that Concubine Xu was on her side. If something went wrong because of lack of attention, she feared that other concubines would be bitterly disappointed in her and wouldn’t remain in her camp.


Now when she heard everything from the palace maid who returned, she was shocked and couldn’t not hide her disgust, “My palace has meticulous virtue and attention to duty. Don’t let her enter the Yunxi Palace from now on. She would bring bad luck.”


Concubine Xu had fallen out of favor for many years and had not given birth. In the past years, she had been relying on Concubine Ruan’s influence. She acted all arrogant and did many cruel things. In order to gain the trust of Noble Consort Ruan, she had also taken many lives with her hands. Now that she had lost her asylum, her fate could be imagined.


Concubine Xu, who was still ill now, didn’t know all of this. She had a fever and nightmares. She woke up thirsty half- awakened. When she opened her eyes in a daze, she saw someone lying next to her bed.


Concubine Xu immediately screamed out of fear, but because her mouth was too dry, she only let out a hoarse low cry.


Beside her was Lin Feilu.

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