Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 2

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However, she didn’t expect that the next life would come so quickly. It felt like she just took a short nap and when she opened her eyes again, she came back to life.


Lin Feilu was stunned for some time. She raised her small arm and looked at it for a while. After that, she turned her head to look around.


There was a woman in a palace costume sitting next to the bed, embroidering on a piece of silk. Her facial features were very beautiful, but her face was pale and white. Her whole body was exuding a sickly aura.


Lin Feilu was still observing everything secretly when a maidservant entered, “Concubine Lan, I have brought medicine.”


The woman stood up and asked, “Where is the imperial doctor?”


“Concubine Li was about to give birth so all imperial doctors were ordered to be there. This servant has conveyed the princess’s condition to the imperial hospital staff. This is the medicine prescribed for the princess.”


The woman held the silk cloth in her hand tightly for a long while and finally sighed, as if accepting her fate, “It’s fine. Go and boil the medicine, and then make some light porridge.”


The maid immediately left hearing the order. The woman turned around and saw that the little girl on the bed was awake. She was looking around with her dark eyes. The woman quickly put down the silk cloth and leaned over to the edge of the bed to pick the girl up.


Lin Feilu felt somewhat light headed. The woman’s fragrance assaulted her nose as her little body was held in her arms, giving an unreal feeling.


“Dear Feilu, are you feeling uncomfortable?”


Lin Feilu shook her head as if trying to wake herself up. The woman hugged her and went out. There was a maidservant in the courtyard who was crouching under the osmanthus tree and picking out the stamens. The woman said, “When Feilu is healthy, mom will make you your favorite sweet osmanthus cake, okay?”


Lin Feilu observed the surroundings, red walls and blue tiles welcomed her sight. There was a stone table placed in the center and there was a raised platform with ancient cornices in the distance which made one feel as if you can reach the stars . There were two or three more stone tables and chairs in the courtyard. There was a large porcelain water tank on the east and west corners. There were four rooms and some randomly planted trees. This quaint courtyard was not gorgeous and seemed cold.


Lin Feilu turned her head to look at the woman. She asked in a calm tone, “What’s wrong with me?”


The voice was soft and childish.


The woman answered with a warm smile, “You went to play at the Linxing Pavilion in the morning, but accidently fell into the water and caught a cold. However, it’s okay now. You just need to drink the medicine for a while.”


Lin Feilu bit her tongue. Ah… It hurts.


After a while, the palace maid brought a bowl of medicine. The woman fed her the medicine and put a sweetmeat in her mouth. The palace maid beside her smiled, “The princess is so obedient. You don’t cry or make trouble when you drink the medicine.”


Lin Feilu felt a headache and whispered, “I want to sleep.”


The woman kissed her on the cheek and carried her back to the bed. Lin Feilu closed her eyes and heard the woman’s order, “Tomorrow you will send this pair of jade bracelets to Concubine Li to congratulate her on the birth of a child. I am sick and my arrival may irritate her, so I won’t visit.”


“This servant will follow the order.”


At this moment, Lin Feilu was no longer muddle-headed as before.


She did not know how to react to the situation.


However, she was always someone who could adapt to the situation easily. After taking the medicine and sleeping, she had fully accepted this fact. During her sleep, memories that belonged to the little girl flooded into her mind.


A five-year-old girl didn’t know much.


She only knew that this place was Dalin Dynasty. Her mother was an imperial concubine named Lan. She had an older brother named Lin Zhanyuan who was two years older than her. His brother was different from normal people. Others secretly called him a fool.


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