Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 20

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With the voice approaching the door, the eunuch finally caught up with the master and pleaded bitterly, “Your Highness! This Mingyue Palace is cursed. You can’t go in!”


Was Lin Jingyuan an obedient person? The more one said that he couldn’t  go in, the more he wanted to go. He opened the door with a push of a palm and strode in.


Lin Feilu was still playing jianzi with Lin Zhanyuan.


The  sun rays were spreading warm light. When it was sprinkled through the clouds, it created a thin layer of golden light. A little girl with two little buns on her head wore a light pink coat and skirt. She was enveloped in the warm light as she played jianzi with a sweet smile on her little face. Her little figure was jumping here and there, looking absolutely adorable.


Lin Jingyuan felt that he suddenly understood the sentence “Cute Is justice”.


He scolded the eunuch dissatisfied, “My sister, the fifth princess, is like a little fairy. There is only immortality and good luck present whenever she is! I can’t forgive you any more for talking nonsense!”


When Lin Feilu heard his voice, she raised her head and her nimble figure stopped in place as the jianzi fell on the ground. She tilted her head and looked at the door. Her small hands were held in front of her, but her big eyes were full of surprise.


Lin Jingyuan walked in and shouted “Little Feilu” with interest.


She pursed her lips embarrassedly and smiled, revealing sweet dimples, as if she was very happy that he still remembered her name. She obediently watched him get closer and closer. When he walked up to her and picked up the jianzi, she raised her little face and shouted softly, “Brother Jingyuan.”


His Royal Highness, the fourth prince, was so mesmerised by the soft and sweet “Brother Jingyuan” that he could not differentiate between north and south.


To be reasonable, no one had ever called him so sweetly since he was born. The servants called him your highness, while the elders called him Yuan’er or Daming. The princesses either called him the fourth elder brother or the fourth younger brother.


He only found out today how great it felt to be called out this way! It sounded very kind and pleasant!


Lin Feilu took the jianzi he picked up and asked cutely, “Brother Jingyuan, why are you here?”


Lin Jingyuan took out a withered  flower of asiatic apple from his sleeves. He was full of confidence when he came over, but now he felt a little embarrassed standing in front of the fifth younger sister. He scratched his head and said, “This is the double-petal begonia flower you gave me. I have had maids take care of it for the past few days but it will soon wither.”


Lin Feilu blinked her eyes, stretched out a slender finger and gently poked the petals. She looked as if she was thinking. She then raised her head and smiled at him, “Don’t be afraid. I have a solution!” She stretched out her hand and held his finger. “Follow me.”


Lin Jingyuan glanced at the little hands holding him and coughed dryly, concealing his embarrassment. He changed the subject as he looked at Lin Zhanyuan who had been standing beside him stupidly, “Who is he?”


Lin Feilu paused and slowly retracted the hand holding him.


She seemed to be a little afraid. She lowered her head slightly and said in a low voice, “It’s my brother. His name is Lin Zhanyuan.”


Lin Jingyuan blurted out, “That fool? He….”


After speaking, he felt a little annoyed and was about to continue speaking but then his eyes fell on Lin Feilu and his words got stuck in his throat. Her face showed a hurted expression. Her head was lowered to extreme and even the two small buns on her head seemed to wilt. Her voice was a little dull as if she would cry anytime, “My brother is not a fool, he is just sick.”


Lin Jingyuan immediately felt regretful in his heart.

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