Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 22


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Lin Jingyuan glanced over and asked with a frown, “Are these the persimmons that I gave you that day? It’s been so long. Why are you still keeping them?”


Lin Feilu said in an unhurried tone: “They can be eaten for a long time.”


Lin Jingyuan saw his sixth brother standing by, staring at the persimmon and swallowing his saliva.


He inquired about the fifth sister from the palace maids and eunuchs a few days ago. He knew that she and her mother were not favored. She was a princess who people thought lowly of. However, he did not expect her to live so poorly that she had to save persimmons even when the whole garden was full of them.


He looked at his fragile fifth sister and then looked at this humble house, the desire to protect her suddenly sprouted up in his heart.


Instead of asking for the persimmon, he handed it over to Lin Zhanyuan: “Here, eat it sixth brother.”


Lin Zhanyuan was not happy but he still took it and gnawed it. Lin Jingyuan went out of the door and called the eunuch outside: “Kang An, come here.”


Kang An was anxiously pacing back and forth outside. Hearing the master’s call, he immediately entered inside. Lin Jingyuan’s small face became a little serious and he whispered to him in a low voice. After hearing it, Kang An said, “I will do it right now. Your highness, you also follow me.”


Lin Jingyuan raised his head coldly: “You go, this Prince will take his fifth sister to the lake for fishing!”


Since master has already said it, Kang An had no choice but to go first. Hearing that the two children were going out to play, Xiao Lan was not at ease. Originally she wanted to let Qing Yan follow them, but Lin Jingyuan didn’t even let his own servant follow him, how could he let Qing Yan him? At this time, the willful and arrogant voice sounded, “No one is allowed to follow!”


Just as Xiao Lan wanted to say something, Lin Feilu interrupted her: “Mother, with the forth brother here will be no problem.”


Xiao Lan could only watch them leave with a worried face.


Qing Yan comforted: “Although no one is following, everyone in the palace knows the Fourth Princess. He is kind to the princess and will not let others bully her.”


Compared with adults’ worries, Lin Feilu’s thinking was very simple.


Follow NPC to complete the instance.


Lin Jingyuan was of noble status. With him around her, the probability of meeting a new NPC would be greatly increased. She felt that her favorite with him had almost reached 70%. It seemed that it’s almost time to find the next target.


The poor fourth prince didn’t know that he was a NPC in the eyes of his little fairy sister, so he was very happy all the way. The maids and guards who met him on the way saluted him respectfully and secretly glanced at Lin Feilu.


‘Isn’t this the unfavored fifth princess? When did she have such a good relationship with the fourth prince?’


The most important thing was that these two people were so close that they seemed to be glued together. It seemed that the unknown fifth princess had hugged the fifth prince’s big thighs. In the future, they couldn’t look down on her as casually as before.


(T/N: “To hug (someone’s) big thighs” means to curry favor with someone.)


Lin Feilu had been quietly following Lin Jingyuan. She could tell what these people were thinking at a glance. However, she didn’t care much. She continued to play her delicate, well-behaved and shy character.


The fishing pool is in the west, almost through half of the harem. The more one went to the west, the more tranquil one would feel. The scenery gradually became a little uninhabited. After they passed through a palace hidden from view because of green bamboo, a faint voice came from the road not far away.


After they got close and they heard a cute looking girl lashing out, “Song Jinglan, I came to look for you as soon as I got better. I only want you to swim in the lake with me, but you don’t know how to appreciate favors!”

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