Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 23


Lin Feilu looked at her and thought to herself, ‘Isn’t this the third princess Lin Xi who fainted hearing about ghosts?’


Three steps away from her stood a young man. His body looked quite weak but also alegant. Surrounded by the sea of bamboo, he seemed to be enveloped by an extraordinary aura. A man looked like a servant stood beside him, begging in a low voice: “Third princess, our highness still has a fever.”


Lin Xi wasn’t willing to let this matter slide: “So what? Even if the sky crumbles today, he has to accompany this princess to the lake!”


Lin Feilu thought to herself, ‘Why does this princess seem like a gangster who is robbing people?’


As she walked closer and closer, she finally saw the appearance of ‘woman from an ordinary’ for whom this rogue princess was making things difficult through the sea of bamboo.


‘What the hell?’


‘Where does this handsome little brother come from? How can you look so handsome that it makes people and gods angry!’


There are not a thousand or nine hundred beauties that Lin Feilu has ever seen. Before, even when he came to the great Lin Dynasty, even a maid in the harem was pretty, not to mention the concubines and princes.


Lin Feilu had seen countless beauties over the years, even if he only counted the ones he’d met since arriving in this dynasty. A mere palace maid would already be considered one, not to mention the esteemed concubines and princes. However, she didn’t pay them much heed.


As someone who attached great importance to good looks, she wouldn’t be amazed by just anyone. However, this 11 or 12-year-old little boy managed to amaze her.


It felt like when Goddess Nuwa created human beings, everyone else was mass produced while he was personally crafted by her. He was neither thick nor thin. He was neither light nor heavy. He was good looking, but not feminine. Most importantly, he didn’t look conceited.


Light shimmered down on him as the bamboo leaves danced in the wind. The flickering specks of moonlight made it seem like it was snowing, like he was some unearthly being.


She once read a poem of Su Shi:


A man as handsome as you should only appear in paintings,

All I know at the sight of you is to be mesmerized.

I write and think of you till the rivers ran dry,

Only then did I know you were no mere man.

At this moment, she felt that every word of this poem was appropriate to describe this moment.


He had this kind of appearance at such a young age. When he grew up and his facial features developed a little more, wouldn’t he cause great turmoil in the hearts of girls all over the world?


Obviously, the third princess Lin Xi had been bewitched.


Facing Lin Xi’s overbearing attitude, the young man did not lose self-control. He was neither angry nor annoyed. On the contrary, there was a smile on his face, showing that he had calmness far beyond his peers. He said mildly: “It’s a small matter for me to visit the lake, but I haven’t recovered from the cold yet. I’m worried that my illness will spread to the third princess. You’re finally in good health and you can’t stand any more trouble.”


What he said was obviously a refusal, but it showed his care for her. As expected, Lin Xi suddenly restrained her temper and asked somewhat happily: “Are you concerned about me?”


Song Jinglan smiled slightly: “Naturally, I care about you. The bamboo forest is very windy so the princess should not stand in the open, so let’s head back first.”


Lin Xi was coaxed into obedience by his two or three sentences. She took the maids and turned to leave. She happened to see Lin Feilu who was looking at her. Thinking of her previous illness, she immediately said arrogantly: “I really have bad luck. I run into this evil spirit wherever I go.”


Lin Feilu retracted her gaze and her eyes flashed with mischief. She immediately hid behind Lin Jingyuan with some fear, holding the corner of his clothes and daring not to look up.


Lin Jingyuan was so angry at this scene that he pointed at Lin Xi and cursed: “How dare you act like that before me! If I hear you say any of that one more time, you won’t get off the hook so easily!”

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