Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 24


Lin Xi didn’t expect that Lin Jingyuan would defend Lin Feilu. Although she was usually arrogant, she still paled into insignificance by comparison to Lin Jingyuan. The fourth elder brother didn’t treat her well and now he even scolded her. She felt so wronged that she ran away crying.


Lin Jingyuan snorted heavily. He turned around and patted Lin Feilu’s head gently: “Don’t be afraid.”


Lin Feilu raised her small face and blinked her eyes. Her eyes were filled with undisguised ‘worship’ and ‘trust’.


Seeing this, Lin Jingyuan’s blood boiled and he almost reached heaven. He clenched his fists and swore in his heart: I will always guard Little Sister Feilu!


After the farce ended, Song Jinglan led his servant back to Cuizhu Courtyard. Before leaving, he gently smiled at the two, nodded slightly and then left at a leisurely pace. Shadows of the bamboo forest fell on his back, painting a peaceful scene.


Lin Feilu whispered, “Brother Jingyuan, who is he?”


Lin Jingyuan answered casually as they walked forward, “Don’t you know him? He was the prince that was sent by the Song Dynasty to be held as a hostage five years ago. His name is Song Jinglan.”


Lin Feilu’s current understanding of this era was limited to the Dalin Dynasty. This was a good opportunity to find out more things. After listening to him, she pretended not to understand anything and said: “What do you mean by prince sent to be held as a hostage?”


For the first time, the fourth prince found a sense of accomplishment for knowing things and explained to his younger sister happily.


It turned out that in addition to the Dalin Dynasty which was located in the north, there was also the Song Kingdom located in the south and the Yong Kingdom which mainly consisted of nomads. There were three dynasties in total.


At first, the Song State was the strongest because the southern land was fertile and rich in resources. Compared with the barren north and Yong State which lived on the endless prairie, it could be regarded as having a natural advantage.


However, being rich would breed laziness. The emperors of the Song Dynasty were getting worse with each generation. They were relying on the national treasury to fill the wealth of the royal family. They gradually indulged in pleasure. The emperor of the current generation was addicted to beauties. He collected beautiers all over the world. This lecherous was well known.


A few years ago, Yong Dynasty and Song Dynasty joined forces to deal with the gradually getting powerful Dalin Dynasty and proposed to be connected by marriage. Unexpectedly, this matter was known by the Dalin Dynasty, making Emperor Lin extremely angry.


Dalin had always coveted the richness of the Song Dynasty, but suffered from the fact that it couldn’t send troops without any reason. Moreover, there was a natural moat between the two dynasties, the Huaihe River. Emperor Lin was worried about the accumulation of wealth done by the Song Dynasty for many years. At that time, the war of attrition would not be easy to fight, so he could not send troops rashly.


The emperor of the Song Dynasty knew this very well. He was afraid that the Emperor Lin would send troops to attack the Song Dynasty in anger. He immediately rejected the deal with the Yong Dynasty and also sent his attendants to convey his message to Emperor Lin. In order to show his sincerity, he even sent a prince to come.


That prince was Song Jinglan.


According to Lin Jingyuan, when he arrived at Dalin, he was only seven years old and he was only accompanied by a servant. Although he was a prince, he was also a hostage. His life in this palace was not as bad as to feel sad but it wasn’t easy either. Lin Jingyuan didn’t dare to tell her that he had bullied Song Jinglan.

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