Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 25


When Lin Jingyuan was studying in Imperial College of Supreme Learning, Song Jinglan was always praised by the teachers. He was the least fond of studying, so naturally he didn’t like him. He used to splash ink on his clothes and tease him with other princes.


However, Song Jinglan was never annoyed. He always seemed to be smiling, treating everyone in a gentle and humble manner. Later, Lin Jingyuan gradually got bored of it and rarely provoked him.


After hearing this, Lin Feilu felt that this handsome little brother was a little pitiful.


As expected, God was fair. If someone was bestowed with an appearance that was in defiance of the natural order, God would take away something from him accordingly. In any case, it would not let one have a smooth sailing life.


It’s really true that fellow sufferers empathize with each other.


Taking into consideration that Song Dynasty was the strongest Dynasty, Dalin also needed to send a princess to propose marriage in the future and this candidate was without any doubt going to be her.


The abandoned one.


She felt a little sorry in her heart but she didn’t let Lin Jingyuan see it. She happily fished with him the whole afternoon. The palace eunuch who took care of the lake took good care of them. Finally, they handed over the fishes they caught to palace eunuch and had him go along with them carrying the fishes.


Lin Jingyuan originally wanted to accompany her back, but when they were halfway, Consort Xian sent someone to send a message that the emperor would go to the Changming palace to check his homework so he would hurry back to the palace. Lin Jingyuan was so frightened that he ran away.


Lin Feilu slowly followed the eunuch back.


When passing by the Cuizhu Courtyard, the bamboo wind was rustling and the golden-bright and dazzling light of the setting sun fell on the corners of the eaves, creating an artistic conception. After thinking for a while, she lifted two fish from the bucket and told the eunuch, “Wait for me here.”


The eunuch bowed and Lin Feilu walked into Cuizhu Courtyard with the fishes.


In her impression, the Mingyue Palace where she lived was remote and deserted enough, but she didn’t expect this Cuizhu Courtyard to be even more desolate than Mingyue Palace. When the door was pushed in, the wooden door with the paint off creaked, proving its dilapidation.


In the courtyard, the servant of Song Jinglan was crouching to decoct the medicine. Seeing someone coming in, his serious face suddenly showed hesitation and nervousness.


He saw the little girl who was following the fourth princes in the afternoon. The fourth prince used to bully the master so he felt that this little girl was also bad.


Unexpectedly, she just came over and gave him the fishes in her hand. After that, she said with a smile on her face, “This is for you.”


Little servant was stunned and didn’t dare to answer.


Lin Feilu said again, “Isn’t your Royal Highness sick? Make some fish soup for him.”


The boy looked at the fish and then at the harmless little girl. In the end, he thought to himself, ‘Is this fish poisoned?’


Lin Feilu didn’t know what he was thinking. She chuckled and said jokingly: “You don’t want it?”


The little servant was at a loss. The slightly hidden door behind him was pushed open. Song Jinglan stood at the door, wearing a coat. He said gently: “Tian Dong, accept it.” He turned to Lin Feilu: “Many thanks fifth princes.”


Lin Feilu was a little surprised: “Do you know me?”


He nodded with a smile: “I’ve heard the name of the princess.”


He should have just got up as his hair was a little messy. His face looked a little pale, but he didn’t lose his manners even a little bit. The more she looked at him, the better he looked. Lin Feilu’s heart was perfectly satisfied by appreciating the beauty. She hopped away after sending the fish.


Before leaving, she closed the gate of the courtyard.


As soon as she left, Tian Dong immediately said: “Your Highness, I will go and bury this fish.”


Song Jinglan waved his hand slightly: “No need to do that. Boil it for him.”


Tian Dong hesitated: “It might be poisoned…”


He smiled: “The princess has personally delivered it to us. No one would be so bold and reckless. Be at ease.”

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