Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 26


Lin Feilu returned to the palace after giving the fish. When she reached the door, Xiao Lan was already waiting outside. Seeing her approaching, she immediately greeted her and said: “I’m back.”


Lin Feilu noticed that something was off. She asked after the eunuch who came with her along with the fish left, “Mother, what’s wrong?”


Xiao Lan looked worried as she led her in: “After you left in the afternoon, the servants of the fourth prince sent a lot of things.”


Lin Feilu saw the room full of boxes. There was food, brocade, jewelry, and all sorts of things that she had never seen. They all filled her small room.


Lin Jingyuan, that little kid, was very considerate.


Lin Feilu liked to receive gifts so she was naturally happy, but Xiao Lan was full of worry: “We don’t know how Consort Xian will react.”


Lin Feilu had long been used to her cautious personality so she didn’t say much and happily ran to open the gifts. Lin Feilu caught a lot of fish today. There were still some fish left even after dinner. Yun You kept the remaining fish in a water pot placed in the courtyard. Lin Zhanyuan had a great time playing with fish.


Compared to Mingyue Palace, things were a bit tense in Changming Palace.


When Lin Jingyuan arrived, Emperor Lin was already there. He was drinking tea with Consort Xian. When he saw Lin Jingyuan came running while sweating profusely and panting, his face sank, revealing his displeasure. Consort Xian also became angry when she saw Lin Jingyuan in such condition. She became even more angry when she thought of the report given by the maid this afternoon. It stated that he had sent a lot of things to Mingyue Palace for no reason.


Lin Jingyuan knelt down and kowtowed.


Emperor Lin said coldly: “You went out to play again, right?”


Lin Jingyuan replied honestly, “I went fishing.”


Emperor Lin snorted: “You are actually idling instead of paying attention to your homework. You really have a lot of experience in playing these games.”


Consort Xian persuaded, “Your Majesty, please calm down. Jingyuan is still young. He just wants to have a little fun. Wait for him…”


The annoyed Emperor Lin interrupted her and said: “That’s what you think! Eight years old is not a young age. When I was of his age, I was able to write three sheets of national laws! “


Consort Xian said: “Your Majesty is well known for his cultural skills and military strategies. How can Jingyuan compare with Your Majesty?”


Emperor Lin took a sip of tea to suppress his anger. His eyes accidently fell on Lin Jingyuan’s bulging chest. He asked with a frown, “What are you carrying in your bosom?”


This kid used to tuck dead birds into his bosom when he went to Imperial College of Supreme Learning to frighten the tutors. When the Emperor Lin thought of his previous actions, he couldn’t help but suspect that he was carrying a dead fish in his arms this time.


Princess Xian was really angry and anxious. She couldn’t say anything more. She watched her son raise her hand and touch her chest. Then she took out a copy of the Analects of Confucius.


Consort Xian was angry and anxious at the same time. However, she couldn’t say anything more. She watched her son raise his hand, touch his chest, and then took out a copy of 《The Analects of Confucius》.




The Analects of Confucius???!!!


Isn’t this the son who says he feels dizzy and has a headache whenever he reads the books???

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