Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 29


Concubine Xian had Sui Yu serve another bowl of snow lotus lily porridge and said with a smile, “Quickly try this porridge.”


Lin Feilu pursed her lower lip, looked at Consort Xian’sexpression, and said, “Thank you, Consort Xian.” She then slowly picked up the spoon and lowered her head to eat.


She was also very courteous in eating. She chewed and swallowed slowly without making any sound. It seemed that she had never eaten such delicious porridge before and her eyes were shining. Children never hide their emotions and their emotions were fully shown on their faces.


After she finished eating the porridge, Concubine Xian asked someone to make butter tea with the desserts from the Imperial Kitchen. Lin Feilu liked to eat sweets, but back then, she had to maintain her figure and skin. After she came here, she couldn’t eat cakes and butter tea because Xiao Lan couldn’t afford snacks. Today, she was finally able to give her mouth a feast.


She didn’t hesitate out of politeness and stuffed her cheeks full, showing her innocence.


Concubine Xian observed her secretly for a long time and finally determined that this was indeed an innocent child. The caution in her eyes was also gone. After she finished her snack, she smiled and asked: “How old is the fifth princess this year?”


Lin Feilu licked the corners of her mouth and said softly: “Milady, I am five years old.”


Concubine Xian smiled and said to Sui Yu: “Except for Imperial Concubines Su’s daughter, the fifth princess is the youngest in this palace. Moreover, she is so well-behaved. No wonder Jingyuan talks about his fifth sister every day.” She looked toward Lin Feilu and asked: “I heard that you gave Jingyuan a copy of The 《The Analects of Confucius》 yesterday?”


Lin Feilu nodded: “Yes.”


Princess Xian asked again, “Why did you give him 《The Analects of Confucius》?”


Lin Feilu said in her childish voice: “Since Forth Brother gave me many gifts yesterday, I should also give him something in return but…” She lowered her head in a bit of annoyance and the two small buns on her head also dangled. Her voice also became lowered and muffled, “Brother Brother doesn’t lack anything and I also don’t have anything to give him. Later, I remembered my mother saying that knowledge is very important for succeeding in life, so I gave him 《The Analects of Confucius》.”


Hearing what she said, the smile on Consort Xian’s face brightened and she couldn’t help but see Lin Feilu in a better light, “I did not expect the fifth princess to be well behaved and studious at such a young age. If Jingyuan were as sensible as you, this palace could be at ease.”


Lin Feilu looked at her seriously: “Forth brother is very good. He is very, very good.”


Consort Xian was amused by her: “You are the first person to praise him like this.”


The fifth princess was straightforward, innocent, well-behaved and polite. Compared with the Eldest Princess Lin Nianzhi and the Third Princess Lin Xi, they are especially likeable. Consort Xian talked with her for almost an hour and she liked the little girl more and more in her heart.


Of course, she didn’t like the eldest princess because her birth mother Consort Hui did not get along with her since they were in the East Palace. They fought openly and secretly for many years, and they regarded each other as a thorn in their eye.


However, Lin Feilu was different. Her mother was just a Noble Lady. Not only she was not favored by his majesty but she was even loathed by him because she gave birth to a fool. She was not a threat to her in any case. Consort Xian knew her son very well. He was used to playing like crazy and hated reading. Her advice and His Majesty’s advice would go in one ear and out from the other. He was walking on the path of a wayward prince with full speed.

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