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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 3

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


The little girl was the Fifth Princess of the Great Lin Empire, but she had only met her father a handful of times.


In other words, she and her mother were not favored. 


Yesterday, she was flying a kite outside. The kite broke and fell into the Linxing Pavilion. When the little girl went to pick up the kite, she met the Third Princess Lin Xi.


Lin Xi actually did not like her tattered kite, but she did like to bully her. When the two were fighting for the kite, the little girl was pushed into the water by Lin Xi. After she was rescued, she had been in a coma and suffered from a persistent fever.


Then, it was Lin Feilu who woke up again.


As a top student with a Master’s degree, she tried to recall any knowledge of the Great Lin Empire, but only to no avail. She realised that the Great Lin Empire might  not have been discovered by modern day society yet.


Although this place didn’t look good, thinking back to the car accident she had just experienced and then looking at her intact limbs, Lin Feilu felt that she still landed on a good bargain.


The figure of the little girl in her head was gradually fading into a blur.


Lin Feilu said to the little girl in her heart, “I am someone who knows to differentiate between gratitude and grudges. I never take advantage of others in vain. Since I will be living inside your body, I will surely avenge you.”


It seemed that this was the opportunity given to her by God to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start.


Since she had promised that she would take revenge, she would definitely do it. However, revenge was a dish best served cold so she was not in a hurry. She had to figure out her current situation first. She had watched plenty of historical soap dramas. The Imperial Harem was always described as one of the most dangerous and cruelest places to be. She had to be extremely careful.


Outside in the courtyard, the sky seemed to be getting brighter. Honorable Lady Xiao Lan was finally relieved to find that Lin Feilu’s fever had broken. She immediately went out and ordered her palace maid to make porridge. Lin Feilu was lying on the bed, thinking about her new life. The door creaked as it was pushed open and a small figure came over.


(T/N: “Honorable Lady” is an imperial title bestowed on an emperor’s concubine. Harem titles are ranked in the following ascending order: Pure Lady, Honorable Lady, Concubine, Imperial Concubine, Consort, Noble Consort and Empress.)


He approached the edge of her bed, crouched down and called out, “Younger sister, younger sister.”


Lin Feilu turned her head and saw a handsome little boy tilting his head and laughing foolishly at her.


It was her dim-witted brother Lin Zhanyuan.


Lin Zhanyuan was the sixth prince among the princes. Although he was the sixth prince in name, the truth could be seen from the fact that even the eunuchs dared to call him a fool in private. He was an abandoned prince.


The fact that the Emperor didn’t like Honorable Lady Xiao Lan was also related to this.


As an emperor, having a fool for a son was simply a stain in his life.


Lin Zhanyuan’s intelligence probably stayed at the age of three or four. He could only say some short words. Seeing Lin Feilu wake up, he was so happy that he patted her head, “Sister is good. Sister isn’t hurt.”


Lin Feilu felt that he was odd but also cute at the same time.


She grew up in a family where she had never been loved, nor was she taught how to love. She had developed an extremely egocentric temperament. In fact, her heart was apathetic and it was very difficult for her to empathize with anyone else. However, she could muster up some patience and sincerity for cute-looking children.


She smiled and said to him, “I am not hurt.”


Lin Zhanyuan seemed to have understood and looked happier. He laughed so much that his saliva flowed out. He took out a handful of greasy sweetmeat from his sleeves and handed it to her like a treasure, “Eat, sister… delicious!”


He must have been keeping them hidden. The sweetmeats were all glued together and looked dirty. Lin Feilu was very picky, naturally she would not eat them. She coaxed him, “Sister doesn’t want to eat. It’s all brother’s.”


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