Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 30


Now that Lin Jingyuan was willing to accept the book Lin Feilu gave him and cherished it very much. It could be seen that he really liked this sister. Moreover, this sister was neither spoiled nor cunning. Princess Xian was not worried about their relationship anymore. She even hoped to use Lin Feilu to persuade her son to study hard.


She explained: “Jingyuan is very playful and less intelligent than Feilu. Since he is willing to listen to you, try to persuade him to study hard. You don’t have to do much. It’s good enough if you just make him learn Analects of Confucius as soon as possible.”


Lin Feilu nodded and said cleverly: “Feilu will do as Milady said.”


Consort Xian was very satisfied. Before she left, she gave her a lot of things. There were several boxes of snacks alone. She had Sui Lu lead some court ladies and eunuchs to personally escort her back to Mingyue Palace, making Xiao Lan bewildered.


Sui Yu said with a smile: “My lady has something to say. If Noble Lady Lan is not busy, she should visit Changming Palace often. My Lady loves the fifth princess and treats her as her own daughter.”


Xiao Lan was simply overwhelmed by favor.


After guests left, everyone looked at the rewards filling the whole courtyard and then looked at each other in dismay. In the end, it was Qing Yan who happily said: “The little princess is indeed a blessed person. Everyone loves her.”


The movements of the Changming Palace in the past two days were observed by the other palaces. Everyone looked confused and did not understand why Consort Xian suddenly wanted to win over a Noble Lady who had fallen out of favor for many years. Not to mention anything else, Mingyue Palace itself was an unlucky place.


After hearing servants talk about it, they realized that it was because of the fourth prince and the fifth princess. The fourth prince had always been a troublemaker, causing uproar in this palace every 2 or 3 days. Everyone was used to it. Nowadays, they rarely hear about his mischiefs. Some eunuchs had even seen him fishing in the Huxin Pavilion while reciting the Analects.


Everyone found it strange at first but they finally understood the reason after connecting everything.


It was no wonder that Consort Xian took a liking to her. She could make the fourth prince obedient which was not something ordinary people could do.


Everyone expressed their curiosity about Princess Wu. They didn’t pay much attention to her before. Now they are still interested in her. They can often see her in the Royal Garden, yujingting and other places.


Everyone expressed their curiosity about the fifth princess. They didn’t pay much attention to her before. Now that they paid attention, they could often see her in places like Royal Flower Garden and the Royal Viewing Garden.


Besides being a little more smart, cute and quick-witted, it seemed that there was nothing special about her.


Then why was the fourth prince willing to listen to her?


This eventually became an unsolved mystery in the Imperial Harem.

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