Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 31

With the ‘backing’ of Consort Xian, the quality of Lin Feilu’s life in the palace suddenly rose to a higher level. At the very least, they were a lot richer in terms of food and clothing.

Xiao Lan got a lot of new clothing materials this year and made two winter clothes for her children. She had always been good at needlework and she also worked hard to sew a piece of clothing for Consort Xian. The clothing was elegant and beautiful, making the wearer look a few years younger.

Consort Xian was very happy with the new clothing and she gave many things to Mingyue Palace. The formerly deserted and desolate side hall gained a lot of popularity and gradually became lively.

Xiao Lan actually didn’t have any intention of clinging to Consort Xian nor had she ever thought of regaining the Emperor’s favor through her. She was already very satisfied with being able to make the life of her two children more secure.

However, everyone else saw the interaction between the two palaces differently.

Everyone felt that Noble Lady Lan had taken refuge under Consort Xian. Now that she was on the other side of Consort Xian, their interests were naturally tied together. Those who were friends with Consort Xian would call her sister affectionately while those who were hostile to Consort Xian would try to find faults with her.

Although she has been out of favor for many years, she is the most beautiful among the concubines in the palace. She is old and old. I’m sure she is trying to push the lady to her Majesty’s eyes. She gave birth to two children for her majesty. It is not impossible for the fifth princess to regain her grace.

Although Noble Lady Lan had fallen out of favor for many years, her beauty was top notch in the whole palace. Consort Xian herself was very old, so she might be thinking of pushing Noble Lady Lan to His Majesty. After all, she gave birth to two children for his majesty, and the fifth princess was so clever and well-behaved. It was not impossible for her to regain His Majesty’s favor.

Seeing that a powerful future enemy was about to be born, could other concubines sit still?

Once one had a relationship with someone in the palace, it was impossible to protect oneself by staying out of the struggle. Xiao Lan’s dream of being a third party was shattered.

Lin Feilu had anticipated this situation in advance, but Xiao Lan had a temperament where she would not improve herself if she wasn’t pushed forward. Lin Feilu planned to attack the emperor in the future, so she had to pull Xiao Lan out of her comfort zone and make her learn how to adapt.

However, Xiao Lan is alert and not wrong at all. When others want to target her, they can’t find an opportunity for a while. This one comes and goes, so she focuses on her two children.

It was just that Xiao Lan acted very vigilantly and didn’t make any mistakes that could be exploited. People who wanted to target her couldn’t find any opportunity to do so for a while so they turned their attention to two children.

Lin Zhanyuan didn’t go out very much and Xiao Lan didn’t worry about him going out, because others had very few chances to see him. However, Lin Feilu loved to run outside. One could often encounter her outside if one wanted to. Moreover, the reason why Noble Lady Lan was able to climb to Consort Xian’s side was the fifth princess. Since they couldn’t deal with adults, couldn’t they at least do something about the child?

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