Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 32


On top of that, the children’s affairs were left to the children to deal with. Even if there was some trouble, it would be easily solved by saying that it was just a “quarrel before the children”.


If you wanted to say who hated Consort Xian the most in the palace, it was definitely Consort Hui.


The grievances between the two had been forged since when they were in Eastern Palace. Two of them had fought for many years. Later, Consort Hui gave birth to the Eldest Princess Lin Nianzhi. Because she was the first daughter of Emperor Lin, she was loved very much. Thanks to that, Consort Hui’s popularity and power managed to suppress Consort Xian for several years. It was not until Consort Xian gave birth to the fourth prince Lin Jingyuan that she managed to balance the situation.


Lin Nianzhi was clever and quick-witted. She was frank and lively in front of Emperor Lin but arrogant and unruly in front of others. The third princess Lin Xi was close to her and the two of them were in cahoot with each other. Two of them disliked Lin Feilu. Recently, she heard her mother mention her several times in the palace. Lin Nianzhi grew up next to her since she was a child. How could she not understand what her mother meant?


It seems that it is time to teach my fifth sister a little lesson.


Lin Xi was afraid of Lin Jingyuan, but she was not.


The Dalin Dynasty had always respected the rules of seniority and status. Lin Xi must respect her fourth brother while Lin Jingyuan must respect his eldest sister. This was something that they could even justify in front of their Royal Father. If Lin Jingyuan dared to go against her for his fifth sister, then that was just great; she would mop them both up under the pretense of not respecting their eldest sister. At the same time, she could let her mother vent her resentment.


Lin Feilu did not know that she had entered the blacklist of the eldest princess. She was busy supervising Lin Jingyuan to recite the Analects of Confucius.


This was something that Consort Xian told her to do. If she couldn’t even do this, her weight in Consort Xian’s heart would probably decrease. However, Lin Jingyuan really didn’t like reading books and asking him to do it was akin to killing him. Lin Feilu didn’t persuade him directly, but changed her approach.


She memorized it herself.


While memorizing it, she asked, “Brother Jingyuan, how do you read this word?”


Lin Jingyuan glanced over, “This whole sentence is read as ‘don’t be bothered when others don’t understand you’ and this particular word means bother.”


Lin Fei Lu blinked her big watery eyes: “Wow, brother Jingyuan is so amazing.”


Lin Feilu blinked his big Shui Lingling eyes: “Wow, Brother Jingyuan is amazing.”


Lin Jingyuan immediately felt proud.


After a while, he heard Lin Feilu ask again: “Brother Jingyuan, how do you read this word?”


Lin Jingyuan came over proudly and took a look.


F**k! He didn’t know either!


Lin Jingyuan felt ashamed of his ignorance for the first time in the face of Xiaolu’s eager eyes. In particular, Lin Feilu kept asking him, “brother Jingyuan, what does it mean to die at night?”


Facing the expectant eyes of little sister Feilu, Lin Jingyuan felt ashamed of Brother Jingyuan, what does [If I hear the Dao in the morning, I am content even if I die that evening.] mean?”


“What does [Isn’t it a pleasure to study and practice what you have learned?] mean?”


“What does [The Superior Man is all-embracing and not partial. The inferior man is partial and not all-embracing.] mean?”


Lin Jingyuan: ….



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