Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 34

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Lin Feilu said with a smile, “I am Feilu. Who are you?”


The boy was a little surprised and asked, “You don’t know me?”


Lin Feilu tilted her head curiously. “Should I know you?”


The boy also tilted his head to the side, feeling embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it if you don’t know.”


Lin Feilu continued to gently pet the rabbit in his arms. “Why are you crying? Is it related to this little rabbit?”


The boy looked down at the little rabbit safely tucked within his arms and pursed his lips. He whispered sadly after a while, “My… my mother asked me to kill it myself.”


Lin Feilu was shocked. “Why?! This bunny is so cute. How could you possibly kill it?!”


After Lin Feilu explained the situation, she felt a sudden chill in her heart.


The young boy became even more sad and dropped his head. He wiped his tears with his sleeve.


Lin Feilu put her palm on the rabbit’s head. The pure white fur was soft and felt pleasant under her small hand. Its whole body was covered with white fur without any impurities or discoloration. It looked very beautiful. Although she used to like eating Shuangliu, she was really reluctant to eat this lovely rabbit.


(T/N: ‘Shuangliu’ is a dish made of rabbit meat.)


She asked the boy, “Why does your mother want you to kill it? Does she hate rabbits?”


Is it because of some kind of allergy to rabbit fur?


The boy pursed his lips and shook his head.


He said with a choked up voice, “This rabbit is a birthday gift that my mother gave me. I have been raising it for three years.”


Lin Feilu: ???


This mother was too cruel, right?


Making her own son kill the pet she gave him, what was the point in doing this?


What was he supposed to learn from this?


She looked at the little boy sympathetically and listened to him as he continued to say while sobbing, “Mother said that only the weak will have compassion. The strong must have a firm heart. Those who want to achieve great things can not have compassion or play favorites because those very same things will become their fatal weakness in the future.”


Lin Feilu: ???


This mother was really something.


Carrying out this kind of parenting in the palace must be done to fight for power. As a prince, what else could one fight for besides the throne? The mind of this young boy’s mother was not simple.


However, she was too anxious and might leave a psychological scar on her son. When he grew up, he might become a twisted psychopath.


Lin Feilu had learned from Lin Jingyuan that he had three elder royal brothers.


Lin Ting, the eldest son of Emperor Lin, was birthed by Noble Consort Ruan.


Lin Jiwen, the second eldest son of Emperor Lin, was from Consort Shu.


Lin Qing, the third eldest son of Emperor Lin, was birthed by the queen and was also the current prince.


These three brothers were not very different in age. They were all eleven or twelve years old. She didn’t know which royal brother was this crybaby in front of her who was forced by his mother to grow up?


He was most likely the third royal brother that she had never seen till now.


After all, he would inherit the throne in the future and the monarch had to be cruel. This little boy looked kind and soft hearted. He seemed to be a bit of a crybaby. Although he looked like a bully, he did not meet the standards of being an emperor.


Lin Feilu seemed to hear a voice in her head: Ding, your new NPC target is available. Please capture when ready.


She raised her hand and patted his head in a soothing manner. “Don’t cry, I will help you find a way.”


The little boy looked up at her.

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