Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 37

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As long as Emperor Lin’s brain was working properly, it was impossible that he would abolish the current crown prince and announce another.


Why did the lady who forced her son to kill the rabbit today think that she still had any chance?


Lin Feilu thought for a while. If anyone else in the palace could hold such an attitude and confidence, then it could be only Noble Consort Ruan.


She was the backer of Concubine Xu who was frightened by her act.


There were two Noble Consorts in the palace. One was Noble Consort Ruan who was the daughter of the left Prime Minister of the dynasty. She was one of the most beautiful and graceful concubines of the harem. The other was Noble Consort Xi, the younger sister of the Highest ranked general. She was arrogant and aloof.


Both Noble Consorts were liked by the emperor. Their families were equally powerful. The only difference was that Noble Consort Xi had no children while Noble Consort Ruan gave birth to the eldest prince Lin Ting.


The rule of Dalin Dynasty has always been to establish an official rather than a common man, and to establish a long rather than a young one.


The Dalin Dynasty had always followed the eldest son inheritance system.


(T/N: The throne and property must be inherited by the eldest son.)


The third prince was the crown prince while the first prince was the eldest son of the Emperor.


Once something happened to the crown prince, the next person in the line of inheritance was the eldest prince.


Looks like I got it wrong in the morning.


It’s not my third brother, but my eldest brother.


It was also whispered about in the palace that Noble Consort Ruan was arrogant and despotic in the palace. She was straightforward and frank. Emperor Lin loved this part of her personality and he had even once praised her for being ‘straightforward and frank’. Although the concubines in the palace respected her, they were not afraid of her because Noble Consort Ruan was always straightforward. The likes and dislikes were clearly written on her face and she never played tricks behind someone’s back.


When Lin Feilu heard about it before, she thought that the imperial concubine didn’t have any schemes. And that she had managed to get up to this point purely by fate.


With the new information Lin Feilu heard earlier, she still felt that this Noble Consort was scheming something. She must have been acting all this while.


After all, how could someone make her son kill a rabbit which he had been raising for three years?


Was this something that a simpleminded person would be capable of?


She didn’t expect there were a lot of actresses in this harem.


After organizing her thoughts up to this point, Lin Feilu found the situation interesting. Just thinking of the crying boy she met today, she couldn’t help but sigh. Since his mother had thoughts of fighting for the throne, his future would surely be difficult.




Lin Zhanyuan was very fond of little rabbits.


He had never been out of the house since he was a child. He had never made any friends because his IQ was below normal. He had neither known nor seen many things in this world.


Now he had this little rabbit who could run, jump and move. It was snow white,soft, and looked very cute. It opened the door to a new world for him. Except eating and sleeping, he sat next to the rabbit’s nest and played with it.


The little rabbit ate the vegetables quietly as he in turn, watched quietly.


When the little rabbit was bouncing around in the yard. He ran after it, playing happily all day.


With him taking care of the little rabbit with such care, Lin Feilu also saved a lot of efforts. When the eldest prince Lin Ting came to visit his pet, he would be very happy to see that it had grown fat.

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