Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 38

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Winter arrived within the northern regions swiftly. It felt like autumn was over before anyone had the chance to enjoy it. The temperature dropped drastically, leaving only a biting chill. In previous years, Mingyue Palace did not receive charcoal. The firewood given by the Ministry of Internal Affairs would give off so much smoke that it was impossible to use. Winter was the most difficult time of year to bear.


However, this year was different. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent people to send a sufficient amount of charcoal. Moreover, they were polite the entire time. They even supplied all the heating tools they left out  in previous years.


Not long ago, Emperor Lin inspected the fourth Prince’s homework and found that he had completely memorized the [Analects of Confucius]. To his amazement, his son could not only recite it, but also knew the meaning of every sentence. Emperor Lin was very happy and praised Noble Consort Xian for teaching her son so well.


Since Noble Consort Xian got her reward, naturally she would not forget the Mingyue Palace. From time to time, she sent people to deliver all kinds of supplements, herbs and fruits. Yun You made medicinal meals from the herbs Noble Consort Xian had sent to them. Xiao Lan’s health finally took a turn for the better. Her face was slightly rosy, making her look more beautiful than before.


Even Lin Feilu had gained weight recently. She squeezed the flesh on her small belly and declared, “At this rate will end up having to diet at a young age.”


It was very cold outside so people weren’t going outside on a whim and did their best to stay indoors. Moreover, it had not even begun snowing yet. It was just cold and the scenery outside wasn’t beautiful, gray and dreary. The palace grounds were becoming deserted. However, Lin Feilu still stuck to her habit of going out every day. She mainly did this for two purposes — exercise, to keep herself in good shape and to increase her chance of encountering NPCs.


As luck would have it, she did not encounter any NPCs and instead managed to stumble straight into a Boss.


The eldest princess Lin Nianzhi had been running here and there for a long time.


Speaking of it, Lin Nianzhi was very angry. At the beginning, she actually sent someone to keep an eye on Mingyue palace. As soon as Lin Feilu went out, someone followed her secretly and then sent a message back to tell her where Lin Feilu was going.


However, Lin Feilu was no longer there after she got to the reported place. It was only after that a palace eunuch came running and said while panting, “Princess, she is going to Gaofeng Pavilion.”


After that, Lin Nianzhi led people to Gaofeng Pavilion.


When she ran over there, Lin Feilu had disappeared again. After a while, the palace eunuch said while crying, “Princess, she has gone to Yujing courtyard again.”


Lin Nianzhi was nearly exhausted by this cat and mouse-like chase.


How can this girl run like this?! Does she have four legs???


Lin Feilu didn’t deliberately avoid her. She didn’t even know Lin Nianzhi was running all over to encounter her. She just liked to wander around. It was only now that Lin Nianzhi finally got the chance to follow after her.


The eunuch who had been sprinting back and forth said, “Princess, she is feeding fish at Changxi Pavilion now. She will not be able to leave for some time!”


Lin Nianzhi couldn’t even bother to drink the hot porridge that had been prepared for her and ran straight to Changxi Pavilion after wiping her mouth.


The cold wind was blowing. Changxi Pavilion consisted of nine pavilions located on the stream within the palace. From a distance, it looked like nine chinese rings, intertwined and distinct. Wrapped in her warm, white cloak, Lin Feilu sat on the edge of the pavilion in the middle. Her legs were dangling in the air while she was sprinkling fish food into the water.

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