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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 39

Re-translated by Jelly Mae & Edited by Spirit Song


Lin Nianzhi led her servants to the pavilion nearest to the edge of the stream. Once she had straightened her posture, she made a signal. The palace maid beside her immediately said in a loud voice, “Who is that over there? Why are you not paying respects to the Eldest Imperial Princess?”


Lin Feilu turned her head and looked at them. Instantly she picked up the minor details in their expressions. She immediately understood that they had not arrived with good intentions.


The Eldest Princess?


Consort Hui’s daughter? Consort Xian’s arch-enemy?


I see.


She sprinkled all the fish feed into the water and dusted off her palms, then she fixed her cloak, and walked towards them.


The cold wind felt like tiny daggers carving slits into their faces. Lin Nianzhi had been pampered and spoiled since infancy. When has she ever had to suffer this kind of freezing cold, moreover next to a stream? She had rushed out in a hurry and forgot to bring along a hand stove. She felt like she was freezing.


(T/N: A “hand stove” is an ancient hand warming device. It is a small case that can store hot charcoal inside. It is small enough to be carried inside one’s sleeves. You can read more about hand stoves here.)


She began to feel regret.


Why didn’t I just wait until spring had arrived to come out and teach her a lesson? Who on earth is being taught a lesson here now?


With this thought she became even angrier. Seeing Lin Feilu approaching her step by step, she was just about to flare up but then she saw Lin Feilu looking stunned just as she arrived right in front of her. Lin Feilu tilted her head slightly and looked at her blankly, seeming a bit scatterbrained and dazed.


Lin Nianzhi was also surprised. Because of the cold, her momentum was reduced by half and her voice was trembling. She said in an annoyed tone, “What are you looking at?”


The little girl seemed to finally react as she asked in a soft, youthful voice, “Are you the Eldest Princess?”


Lin Nianzhi replied with pride, “That is correct.”


Before she could say another sentence, she saw the little girl pursing her lips and smiling shyly. Her dimples were very adorable. Looking shy and embarrassed, she responded, “You look so beautiful.”


Lin Nianzhi: ???


Lin Feilu did not say it in an obviously flattering tone. It seemed like she genuinely found her to be very beautiful and could not help but to praise her. Lin Feilu was even feeling shy after praising her, so she quickly turned her head away once she said her words. Her fair and tender face had a touch of blush as she averted her eyes to the side.


But after two seconds, she secretly took a peek at Lin Nianzhi again. It seemed like this was her first time meeting with a beautiful person and could not help herself from looking some more. Her eyes locked with Lin Nianzhi’s for a second before quickly looking away.


Lin Nianzhi suddenly realized she was no longer angry with this little girl.


She cleared her throat. Her tone was no longer as arrogant as it was just before, “What are you doing here in this cold weather?”


Lin Feilu once again turned her head to face her. She lowered her head, not daring to look at her directly. She replied honestly, “To feed the fishes.” After that, she added foolishly, “If the fishes have no food in winter, I’m afraid they will starve to death.”


Lin Nianzhi felt like this fifth sister of hers was a little silly.


She heard the rumours that her brother was a fool. Perhaps she had also been affected to some extent.


However, this fool’s words were completely true.


Lin Nianzhi originally planned to suppress her with her status as the eldest sister. After that, she planned to make her serve tea and run errands just like a palace maid. If Lin Feilu did not do as she asked, she would be punished for not respecting her elder sister.


However, it was very cold today. She really did not want to sit here and wait for Lin Feilu to make tea for her. She mentally estimated that she would probably die from the cold before the tea was even brewed.

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