Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 4

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Her voice was soft and sweet. It felt very good to hear.


Lin Zhanyuan inherited his mother’s appearance. Even if he was a fool, it did not affect his physical appearance. He nodded happily and put all the sweetmeat into his mouth.


Lin Feilu took the opportunity to get out of bed and look for the mirror.


As she had expected, the little girl in the bronze mirror looked quick-witted and adorable. She had a small dimple on her cheek when she laughed, looking very cute. When she grew up, her appearance would definitely not be bad.


Lin Feilu who attached great importance to good looks was very satisfied.


When Xiao Lan came in, she saw Lin Zhanyuan whose face was covered with remains of sweetmeat. She said in a helpless tone, “Didn’t mother say that your sister is sick and you shouldn’t disturb her?”


Lin Zhanyuan answered feeling wronged, “I miss my younger sister and want to play with her.”


Xiao Lan didn’t seem to dislike her silly son at all. In the harem where mothers depended on their sons to secure their future, Lin Zhanyuan’s existence could be regarded as cutting off all her alternatives. However, she still gave all the protection and love to both children without reservation.


Lin Feilu spent her breakfast trying to figure out her overall situation.


The place where Xiao Lan lived was called Mingyue Courtyard. More accurately, she lived in the side hall of Mingyue Courtyard. It was Concubine Xu who lived in the main hall as Concubine Xu’s status was higher than her.


There were only two palace maids by her side. One of them was Yun You. She was the maidservant that Lin Feilu saw when she woke up yesterday. She was originally a maid of Xiao Lan’s family who accompanied her into the palace.


The other palace maid was called Qing Yan. When other maids used various methods to leave this disfavored place, Qing Yan voluntarily stayed here with Xiao Lan because of her kindness.


Moreover, there was also an elderly lady who had been serving in this Mingyue Courtyard all the year round. She was very old so Xiao Lan did not make her work. Lin Feilu met her during a meal, both sides were polite to each other.


Being disfavored also had its own benefits. At least no one was eyeing you. You didn’t have to deal with your enemy’s schemes all the time. It’s good to live your life quietly behind closed doors.


After all, she also needed time to adapt to the new environment and new identity. She decided to observe everything first.


Don’t mess up and be a good person.


At noon, Qing Yan ran in anxiously. Lin Feilu was still lying on the bed watching Xiao Lan’s embroidery. She heard her say, “My lady, the people of imperial concubine Jing are here! They are coming for the princess.”


Xiao Lan frowned, “What’s the matter?”


Qing Yan said in a worried tone, “The third princess had a high fever last night. She kept yelling that she saw the little princess standing at her door. She didn’t get well even after seeing the doctor. Imperial Concubine Jing said that… fighting with the little princess in Linxing Pavilion has frightened the third princess. She asked the little princess to make amends.”


It took Lin Feilu a long time to straighten out the relationship.


The third princess was Lin Xi who pushed her into the water yesterday and the imperial concubine Jing was Lin Xi’s mother.


The murderer scared herself sick and the victim had to make amends for her?


Lin Feilu felt that this harem was very interesting.

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