Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 40

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She didn’t know within her heart whether she was terrified of the cold or she just didn’t want to teach this little girl a lesson all of a sudden. After that, she pretended to reprimand Lin Feilu only to sneeze just as she was about to leave. As soon as she sneezed, Lin Feilu looked up with her cute little face full of worry.


The young girl suddenly took out a small hand stove from inside her sleeve and handed it to her obediently as she said, “Sister, here take it.”


(T/N: You can read about hand stoves Here.)


The hand stove had been with Lin Feilu for a long time so it had a slightly milky fragrance of youth that belonged to her on it. Lin Nianzhi gave it a look and took the hand stove arrogantly. Although she didn’t show any expression on her face, she was actually so relieved that she wanted to scream now that her fingers were finally warm.


Lin Feilu’s little face was flushed from the cold, but this did not prevent her from smiling sincerely. She put her little hand over her mouth and gasped before obediently waving at her: “Goodbye, sister.”


Lin Nianzhi slightly nodded: “Go.”


She then turned around and left. After only walking a few steps, she once again turned around and tried to peek at the older girl secretly. Seeing that Lin Nianzhi was still looking in her direction, she turned her head away in embarrassment and ran away with her little figure wrapped in the cloak.


Lin Nianzhi was speechless.


It was… weirdly cute.




A true ‘Green Tea’ could convert an enemy into a friend without much effort.


It had always been Lin Feilu’s principle to not make enemies easily.


The eldest princess had a reputation for being unruly. She originally thought that it would be difficult to handle her. In the end, she decided to test the waters by throwing a “sugar-coated cannonball” ability but she didn’t expect that the other party would take a critical hit.


However, it was easy to understand if one thought about it more. All the princes and princesses within the palace thought that everything revolved around them at all times. Their mothers were mainly responsible for all the insidious tricks. They had never seen the real evils of the world. They only had bad tempers and no self awareness or introspection.


Moreover, the eldest princess was still young. She was only about eleven years old. In modern times, she would still be a primary school student.


It was too easy to cheat an elementary school student.


Lin Feilu felt guilty in her heart for two seconds. She then took off her warm cloak and walked back to Mingyue palace in the cold wind.


Her body was weak. She immediately fell ill that afternoon after walking back in the relentless cold wind. She lay in bed with a fever.


Xiao Lan hurriedly asked Yun You to bring an imperial physician. Now the Imperial Hospital could not ignore Mingyue Palace as they had before and immediately sent people to see the fifth princess. After a thorough checkup, they found that she had only caught a cold. The Imperial physician wrote a prescription and asked Xiao Lan to run the charcoal fire in the house a little bit more than usual.


Yun You followed the imperial physician to pick up the medicine. When she got there, she happened to encounter the palace maid of Consort Xian who was taking a prescription to calm her nerves and help her sleep. The palace maids often communicated with each other so they naturally knew who the other was. While they were chatting, Suiyu (a palace maid) learned that the fifth princess was ill and she immediately told Consort Xian about the matter after returning to the Changming Palace.


Consort Xian asked, “Who was the imperial physician that served the fifth princess?”


Suiyu recalled, “It’s a young man. He should be a newcomer to the imperial hospital. I have never seen him before.”

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