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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 41

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Consort Xian frowned. “A stranger who is new to the palace and has unsubstantiated qualifications is unacceptable. Go to the Imperial Physician’s residence and submit a request for Imperial Physician Chen to visit Mingyue Palace. Let him thoroughly examine the Fifth Princess.”


Imperial Physician Chen’s medical knowledge was trustworthy as he was one of the most senior Imperial Physicians; he was also often consulted by Consort Xian as well.


Receiving her lady’s order, Suiyu hurriedly left. Imperial Physician Chen —upon receiving Consort Xian’s request— carried his medical box and left for Mingyue Palace without delay. Xiao Lan had been decocting medicine for Lin Feilu when Imperial Physician Chen told her to put the medicine aside. After taking Lin Feilu’s pulse, he prescribed a new medicinal concoction for her and left.


In truth, Lin Feilu was not very sick. The way she saw it, it was just a common cold and fever. Once she woke from her disorientating slumber, Xiao Lan approached her bedside and fed her the bowl of medicine. While she was drinking, Qingyan —who had been guarding outside— flew into a panic as she clamored, “This slave humbly greets the Eldest Prince!”


Xiao Lan’s hands shuddered and nearly dropped the medicine bowl onto Lin Feilu’s face.




Noble Consort Ruan never had any connections with her. So why did the Eldest Prince come to visit her?!


A young boy’s clear voice was heard from outside the room, “You may rise. Is Fifth Imperial Sister inside?”


Qingyan replied, “To answer Your Highness, the Fifth Imperial Princess has fallen ill and is currently resting inside.”


Lin Ting instantly turned anxious as he asked, “She’s sick? Is it serious? Has the imperial physician visited her?” 


Qingyan replied, “Imperial Physician Chen has already visited.”


While they were exchanging answers and questions outside, Xiao Lan helped put an outer coat on Lin Feilu. As Qingyan led Lin Ting inside, Lin Feilu had finished drinking her medicine and was seated upright in her bed. Her eyes lit up when she saw Lin Ting; her cheeks flushed as she spoke in bewilderment, “It’s you! You were my Eldest Imperial Brother?”


At that time, Lin Ting did not reveal who he truly was to her. But now that she had recognized him, he was smiling shyly. Not long after, his smile turned to a look of concern as he asked, “How did you become sick?”


Lin Feilu tilted her head and smiled. “I just caught a bit of a cold, don’t worry about it.”


Xiao Lan was still in a daze. She had no idea what kind of connection her daughter had with the Eldest Imperial Prince. However, seeing that the two children were having a good time, she understood they were on good terms, and exited the room together with Qingyan. 


Seeing Xiao Lan and Qingyan had left, Lin Feilu asked, “Eldest Imperial Brother, did you come here to see the little rabbit? My brother has been taking good care of it. Since it’s cold during the winter, he moved the rabbit to his room. I can take you to see them.” 


She was about to lift up the quilt and get up from her bed, when Lin Ting promptly reached out to place his hand on her little head. Gently caressing her soft hair, he then withdrew his hand as he lowered his eyes and said, “There’s no hurry. I am relieved to know that the little rabbit is with you. You are sick. You should be lying down and resting, lest you catch another cold.”


Lin Feilu obediently laid back down, then she lowered her voice to ask, “After you went back last time, did Noble Consort Ruan believe you?”


Lin Ting looked a little embarrassed, as he smiled and said, “I followed what you told me to say to Royal Mother. She really believed it and has never asked about it again.”

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