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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 42

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Lin Feilu was filled with glee as she shared some interesting stories with the Eldest Prince about Lin Zhanyuan and the rabbits. After he finished listening, Lin Ting expressed with sincerity, “Although Sixth Brother is a little out of the ordinary, his heart is very kind. As I can no longer bring the rabbit back to Yunxi Palace, I will give it to him instead.”


As he was talking, the door cracked open. Lin Zhanyuan sneakily poked his little head inside. Lin Feilu waved and beckoned, “Brother, come here.”


Lin Zhanyuan pouted. He insisted on standing outside as he shook his head, “Sister is sick again, so I must not make trouble for my sister.”


Lin Feilu beamed, “I’m already feeling better. Look, I’m sitting up.”


Only then did Lin Zhanyuan listen and happily dashed inside until he realised there was actually another person in the room. He slowed his steps and shrunk his body as he carefully approached his sister’s bed, looking at the stranger timidly.


Lin Feilu consoled him as she spoke, “This is our Eldest Imperial Brother. He was the one who gave you the little white rabbit.”


Upon hearing her say ‘little white rabbit’, Lin Zhanyuan’s expression instantly relaxed, as he clapped his hands and said, “Little white rabbit; very, very white! Carrots, carrots;  super duper cute!”


Lin Ting blurted a “Pfft-” as he was amused.


Lin Feilu, attempting to coax him, pleaded, “Brother, can you take Eldest Brother to see the little white rabbit? Pretty please?”


Lin Zhanyuan nodded in all seriousness as he answered, “Okay!”


Immediately after that, he happily took hold of Lin Ting’s hand and called out, “Let’s go!”


Lin Ting was momentarily stunned as he looked at the little hand that was holding his. Finally, he broke into a gentle smile, then returned the gesture by firmly holding onto his little brother’s hand. He nodded. “Alright. Let’s go.”


The little rabbit had gained more weight than when it was living in Yunxi Palace. It naturally recognized its owner, when Lin Ting attempted to feed the rabbit some leafy greens, it hopped over and brushed against his fingertips.


Although Lin Ting felt a little awkward, he also felt happy at the same time. As he was in a daze, Lin Zhanyuan, who was beside him, suddenly reached out with his hand and patted his head. Using the same comforting tone as Lin Feilu, he attempted to cheer up the older boy, “Don’t be sad!”


Lin Ting lowered his eyes as a tinge of redness dabbed its corners. Then, he raised his head and smiled, “Mm, I’m not sad. Thank you, Sixth Brother.”


Lin Zhanyuan beamed as he wore a dopey smile on his face.


Once they were done with the rabbit, Lin Ting returned to Lin Feilu to have a few words with her before he left again. As he was walking, he stopped and had a thought, then took a detour and headed towards the Imperial Physicians’ Court.


Every imperial physician present was shocked by the presence of the Eldest Imperial Prince who came to visit in person. Lin Ting came here to look for the most trusted imperial physician of his palace. When he found him, Lin Ting cordially asked, “Imperial Physician Luo, could I trouble you to visit Mingyue Palace and take a look at the Fifth Princess’ illness? Her body is frail and has a weak constitution. Asides from catching a cold, she may need more supplements and medications. I will be grateful for your efforts and care.”


Naturally, Imperial Physician Luo did not dare to disobey an request from the Eldest Imperial Prince, so he picked up his medical box and left for Mingyue Palace.


Seeing that there was another visit from another imperial physician, Xiao Lan was feeling very grateful when she learned he was sent by the Eldest Prince to treat the Fifth Princess. The previous imperial physician had already prescribed treatment for her cold, hence this time Imperial Physician Luo only prescribed body supplements. He explained to Xiao Lan about the details of Lin Feilu’s daily diet plan, then he left.

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