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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 43

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The same illness that Lin Feilu had was also caught by the Eldest Princess Lin Nianzhi. She had been sick in bed as soon as she returned to her palace.


Even though she was suffering from the same cold, she did not have a fever, however, she was constantly sneezing and tearing up. This was enough to make Consort Hui anxious, thus she sent a maid to ask for an imperial physician.


Imperial Physician Feng took a look at Lin Nianzhi’s illness and said, “The recent weather has taken a sharp turn down; it is a season of harsh colds and severe illnesses. The Eldest Princess must be clothed warmly, and stay indoors as much as possible. Today, several palaces have also sent for people to request for imperial physicians. It seems the prevalence of this illness is not to be underestimated this time.”


Lin Nianzhi asked offhandedly, “Which other palaces have also gotten sick?”


Imperial Physician Feng replied, “Orders were received from Changming Palace and Yunxi Palace, oh also, there was Mingyue Palace as well.”


Lin Nianzhi was taken aback. “Mingyue Palace?”


Thinking she was uninformed, Imperial Physician Feng explained, “It is the residence of the Fifth Imperial Princess. I heard from my colleagues that she has a fever and is sick in bed. A young child with a weak constitution is highly susceptible to cold, harsh winds. Eldest Princess should also pay heed and take precaution.”


Lin Nianzhi was confused.


She was still in good health just now at noon, so how did she get a fever?


Suddenly she turned her gaze to the small hand stove that was resting off to the side.


She thought to herself, She couldn’t have… Could it be, that because she gave the hand stove to me, she came down with a cold and became sick?


At that thought, Lin Nianzhi’s heart felt a little uneasy.


Considering the standing of Mingyue Palace, she felt that even if they managed to get an imperial doctor to visit, it was very likely for the latter party to not regard them very highly. They would treat their patients indifferently and carelessly prescribe treatments. But as her physician had said, t’is a season of severe illnesses that should not be treated lightly.


As Imperial Physician Feng was packing up his medicine box and was about to leave, Lin Nianzhi, who had been dawdling all the while, finally called out to him, “Wait!”


Imperial Physician Feng asked, “Does the Eldest Princess have any other further instructions?”


Lin Nianzhi replied, “Go visit Mingyue Palace and have a look at the Fifth Princess. See if she is seriously ill, and write two prescriptions for her if necessary.” After a pause, she raised her voice while retaining an air of prestige, “Look after her carefully, and don’t you dare be inattentive!”


Imperial Physician Feng hurriedly bowed and said, “Understood, this official will now leave and carry out your order.”


As he finished, he carried his medicine box and braved the cold winds all the way towards Mingyue Palace.


As the other imperial physician left, yet another one came in. Xiao Lan was perplexed and hesitantly said, “There was an imperial physician who came to visit just now. He has already taken a look at the patient, and the patient has already taken the medicine.”


Imperial Physician Feng replied, “This official knows, but the Eldest Princess is concerned for the Fifth Princess’ wellbeing, thus has specifically instructed this official to come and check again.”


Xiao Lan: “???”


Even the Eldest Princess has gotten involved???


What on earth did this daughter of mine do?!


Xiao Lan recalled all of the recent changes that occurred within and around Mingyue Palace. She did not realise how strange it was for their status to change from being trampled on to being highly favored — until now. It was apparent all these changes were all directly related to her daughter.

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