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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 46

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After a momentary confusion and indecision, the four imperial physicians unanimously decided to have the most senior imperial physician be their representative to give the Fifth Princess a follow-up consultation. This way, even if their respective masters inquired, they would have a reasonable explanation to answer.


Sure enough, Consort Xian sent someone to the Imperial Physician’s Court after lunch to ask about the matter. Imperial Physician Chen answered, “Imperial Physician Luo has performed the follow-up: The Fifth Princess’ fever has broken  and has suffered no other complications.”


Suiyu returned to convey this message, to which Consort Xian found it strange. “On the Eldest Imperial Prince’s orders? How did Little Lu get involved with the Eldest Prince?”


This Eldest Imperial Prince had a respectable reputation within the palace. Although his mother, Noble Consort Ruan, was famous for her arrogance and pomposity; the son she had given birth to had the exact opposite character. By contrast, the Eldest Prince was kind-hearted, courteous, and a peace-maker. When a servant made a mistake, they would reach out to him. He would definitely placate Noble Consort Ruan on their behalf and plead for clemency.


This harem life was already full of strife, and besides, Consort Xian had no overt grievances with Noble Consort Ruan. After some pondering, she finally said, “Fine, leave this matter be. By the way, didn’t the Imperial Household Department deliver some snow ginseng over just the other day? Go pick some to send over to Mingyue Palace. Little Lu’s constitution is weak, she would easily succumb to the cold winds. Tell Honorable Lady Lan to feed her more supplements.”


Lin Jingyuan had just returned from his Imperial School studies, when he happened to hear his Little Sister Lu had fallen sick. His heart was in a frenzy as he was gnawing with impatience. As Suiyu carried the snow ginseng in a box and was about to depart, he ran into her and snatched the box. “I have something to tell the Fifth Imperial Sister, so I’ll bring this along with me instead!”


He ran like the wind until he reached Mingyue Palace. As soon as he entered, he could hear rolls of laughter coming from inside.


Pushing the doors open, it turned out to be Lin Zhanyuan and Lin Feilu. They were both squatting down and playing with the rabbit in the warm room. Lin Jingyuan took a few glances at the rabbit and felt that it somehow looked familiar.


Wasn’t this Eldest Imperial Brother’s favourite rabbit?


Recently, his studies had been more strict as he was being monitored very closely. Since that time when he was able to successfully recite “The Analects of Confucius”, Emperor Lin felt he had scholarly potential, thus his study sessions became more stringent. As a result, he did not have time to hang out and play with Lin Feilu any more.


Moreover, as the weather turned cold, Lin Feilu also rarely went outside to look to play with him. The two had not seen each other for a very long time.


So you’ve found a different toy to play with now!


All of a sudden, Lin Jingyuan’s face turned sour.


As she was returning from outside, it was Qingyan who first realised he was present, so she quickly saluted, “Greetings to Fourth Imperial Prince. When did Your Highness arrive? Does Your Highness wish to enter?”


Lin Feilu heard the commotion and raised her head to look up. Seeing Lin Jingyuan’s sour face, instantly her little face made a pleasantly surprised expression as she smiled sweetly. She stood up and ran towards him.


Running up to him, she hugged his arm with her two little hands. She raised her little face up and spoke tenderly, “Brother Jingyuan, I miss you so much!”


Lin Jingyuan: I’m not angry anymore.


He handed over the snow ginseng to Qingyan who had followed inside and conveyed Consort Xian’s message. Asserting his dignity as her imperial brother, he put on a stern face as he touched Lin Feilu’s forehead, “Has your fever broken?”

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