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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 48

T/L: Jelly Mae

E/D: Spirit Song

Of course, Lin Feilu knew she was not qualified to enter the Imperial School. However, as Lin Jingyuan had mentioned: even if she was not allowed inside the hall, couldn’t she just roam around outside? Furthermore, Emperor Lin seldom visited this place; even if he did, he would only come by every fortnight to check on the princes’ progress.


Different from the previous dynasty, this Imperial School was not a place of scholarly debate. There were no ministers; instead there were only instructors who taught the princes, princesses and the children of royals and nobility. 


Lin Feilu now had two patrons to back her up: the Eldest Imperial Prince and the Fourth Imperial Prince. If she were to be presumptuous, she would also consider the Eldest Imperial Princess as one of them as well. With three mighty backers, it was more than enough for her to be allowed to stroll around the school compound.


After passing through the main entrance, there was a wide, open courtyard. There were some people walking in the courtyard: they were all masters who had brought along either a young servant or an attendant. Located at the rear were several buildings that looked grand and austere. A plaque entitled “Imperial School” was hung above the threshold of the main hall. There were also some smaller buildings in the surroundings which were places for rest.


This place did not have the same exquisite qualities of the harem palace, instead it had an air of academic atmosphere that resembled a high school. As a student who had graduated from the country’s top university, Lin Feilu thought this place was quite accommodating in contrast.


Lin Feilu’s presence did not cause much stir, since there were many students who were accompanied by their attendants. For example, the Third Imperial Princess Lin Xi was also accompanied by a young girl, who was the daughter of Imperial Concubine Jing’s brother. According to the rules, this young girl was not qualified to enter the Imperial School; but as Lin Xi’s attendant, this was made possible.


Everyone thought this girl next to the Fourth Imperial Prince was just another new attendant. Because they were all afraid of Lin Jingyuan, they did not dare to stare too long nor observe too closely. They only cast a few glances then scurried away after they saluted him.


Lin Feilu had not met anyone she knew yet. Lin Jingyuan took her to the side hall and gave her instructions, “Except for the three halls above those steps; you are free to roam around everywhere else. When you’re tired, you can come here and rest. I’ll come pick you up once I’m done with my studies.”


Lin Feilu obediently answered him.


Knowing she was an obedient child, he was not worried about her. Still, he ordered Kang An, “Take good care of the Fifth Princess.”


Kang An nodded repeatedly in response.


Lin Jingyuan walked towards the study hall; every few steps he took, he turned around to look back at them before he finally left. Not long after, there was a dull and heavy sound of a bell ringing in the distance. Lin Feilu was amused, they even have a class bell in this time period.


As soon as the bell tolled, no one was to be seen outside and it became quiet. She stood by the door and looked at it for a while. Suddenly she called out to Kang An, “Come with me, I want to go for a walk.”


 Kang An swiftly complied.


In truth, this place was not a very interesting place to explore. It was vast and desolate; the only plants they have here were a few perfectly straight cypress trees. However, she loved this feeling of familiarity. She felt as if she was walking on the grounds of her alma mater university campus. The happiest memory she ever experienced were probably the years she spent in college.


She had always been down on her luck, but the few roommates she had in university were considerably nice. They got along very happily, and they kept in touch even after graduation.


Lin Feilu suddenly had a thought. Judging her parents’ characters; now that she was dead, her funeral ceremony should have been quite grand.


Many of her friends would come to send her off with her favorite yellow roses. One of her university roommates was quite the crybaby; she wondered how hard she would cry this time.

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