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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 49

T/L: Jelly Mae

E/D: Spirit Song

Lin Feilu was so deep in her thoughts that she did not notice how far she had wandered off to. She didn’t even notice there was someone walking towards her direction.


A boy that looked to be around 12-13 years old; he wore a black robe and brisked leisurely with his hands behind his back. His attendant was beside him as he said with a tearful face, “Young Master, I beg you to walk faster. We are already late. Look around, there is not another person who dares to walk as leisurely as you do at this hour of the day!”


The boy was indifferent to his attendant’s pleas. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a figure in the distance; when his vision adjusted, he saw the figure of a little girl and pointed at her, “Is that not a person?”


He raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I like people who are just as unruly as I am. Ah Luo, let’s go make us some friends.”


Lin Feilu was still in a daze; even when the boy had stopped in front of her, she was slow to react. Kang An was quick on his feet as immediately bowed and said, “This humble servant greets the Viscount.”


The boy’s eyebrows were raised; his sharp gaze further accentuated the unruliness of his brows. He looked at Kang An and asked, “Aren’t you a follower of the Fourth Imperial Prince?”


Kang An cordially replied, “Indeed. My Lord is correct.”


The boy gave him a slight nod. Standing before him was a little girl with little buns on her head. She piqued his interest, so he asked, “Who is this little bean? Why is she still roaming outside when it’s time for school?”


Lin Feilu: “?”


Kang An replied, “My Lord, I present to you the Fifth Imperial Princess. Her Royal Highness is not required to attend the Imperial School. As the Fourth Imperial Prince is currently attending classes, this humble servant has been ordered to accompany the Fifth Princess as she strolls the school grounds.”


“The Fifth Imperial Princess? Why have I never met her before?” The boy lowered his head and sized her up — her height had only reached up to his thighs. He felt it would be tiresome to speak to this little bean from up high, so he knelt down in front of her. He raised his hand and ruffled the buns on her head. Gleefully, he said, “Nice to meet you, little princess.”


Lin Feilu: “…”


This NPC was perhaps the most irritating NPC she had ever met so far.


A viscount? So, he was not one of her brothers; but the son of some noble family.


Of kings, princes, and nobility… Seeing how he had the audacity to act so arrogantly within the palace, it was clear that his background was of high standing.


It doesn’t matter who he is, let’s capture him first.


Lin Feilu promptly activated her skills.


With her little hands, she clutched her tiny head and pedaled backwards. She huffed words of complaint in an infantile manner, “You messed up my little bun-buns!”


The boy: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! What can you do about it, hmm? Bite me?”


Lin Feilu: “???”


What an annoying loudmouth.


The boy also stepped forwards and closed the distance between them. Thinking this little bean’s childish rebuke was absolutely adorable, he grinned and asked, “Little bean, what’s your name?”


Lin Feilu ignored him.


The boy stretched out a friendly hand, “The name’s Xi Xingjiang. Let’s be friends.”


His last name is Xi?


Instantly, Lin Feilu immediately recognized who he was.


In this palace, there were two noble consorts: Noble Consort Ruan and Noble Consort Xi. The older brother of Noble Consort Xi was a general of Zhenbei. Just a few years ago, Emperor Lin appointed him as the Marquess of Zhenbei, thus he was a figure of substantial rank and authority within the Dalin Dynasty. This young viscount who shared the same last name should be the son of said general, making him the nephew of Noble Consort Xi.


No wonder why he’s behaving with such arrogance.

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