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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 5

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


When ‘Lin Feilu’ had an argument with Lin Xi yesterday, there was no one in the Linxing Pavilion other than a few palace maids who took care of Lin Xi. From her observations, Lin Feilu concluded that Xiao Lan did not know the truth behind that incident.


It was impossible for Imperial Concubine Jing not to know the truth, but she was still making up bogus accusations.


The titles and ranks within the Imperial Harem of the Great Lin Empire were historically similar to that of the Ming Dynasty’s. From the lowest to the highest rank, they were Honorable Lady, Concubine, Imperial Concubine, Consort, Noble Consort, and lastly, the Empress.


(T/N: The Imperial Harem had its own rules and factions. Most of the women in the harem were descendents of noble clans as this was the nobles’ way of showing their loyalty to the Emperor. A concubine’s status was very significant to her clan, as the Emperor’s favor would extend to his concubine’s clan members. Every rank had its corresponding authority within the palace that came along with responsibilities. They were not mere titles. For example, the Empress is tasked with the responsibility to manage all operations within the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Harem.)


Since this was the order of an Imperial Concubine, no matter how angry or unwilling she was, Xiao Lan could only rush to Zhaoyang Palace with Lin Feilu.


Compared to Xiao Lan’s nervousness, Lin Feilu was very calm and still had the mind to enjoy the scenery along the way. It was late autumn, and the Asiatic apple flowers were in full bloom. The pavilions were in picturesque disorder and the palace had a majestic aura. Compared to the Forbidden City that Lin Feilu visited on Chinese New Year, this was much more grandiose. With this, Lin Feilu felt even more energetic.


(T/N: More details on the Forbidden City here.)


It seemed that only the small side residence, where she lived, was deserted while it was quite lively and beautiful outside and everywhere else in the imperial palace.


She viewed the scenery all the way with relish. When she arrived at Zhaoyang Courtyard, she heard a girl’s wail. When she walked to the door, Lin Feilu heard a shrill voice cursing, “Has that little b*tch come? Does she want me to personally invite her inside?!”


When the servant of Imperial Concubine Jing, who was standing at the door, saw Xiao Lan leading Lin Feilu in, she immediately went inside to report. Imperial Concubine Jing soon came out. She was quite a beauty. However, in Lin Feilu’s opinion, her beauty was far more inferior to Xiao Lan’s.


‘Someone with this appearance can be promoted to Imperial Concubine. With Xiao Lan’s appearance, she should at least be a Noble Consort.’


‘The emperor must be blind.’


Lin Feilu only glanced twice before retracting her gaze. Next to her, Xiao Lan had already knelt down on one knee, then she tugged on Lin Feilu’s hand to make her kneel too.


Lin Feilu was reluctant. The modern thoughts in her mind were still resisting feudal reality. She saw Imperial Concubine Jing suddenly take two or three steps forward. Imperial Concubine Jing lifted her hand and slapped Xiao Lan’s face hard, allowing no room for explanation.


A crisp and clear sound of a slap resounded as Lin Feilu’s vision blurred along with her thoughts.


After getting slapped, Xiao Lan kowtowed repeatedly instead of retaliating. She begged for forgiveness on behalf of Lin Feilu. (T/N: Reason for this will be disclosed later.)


Lin Feilu was ultimately an imperial princess. Even if she was not favored, she still had royal blood flowing in her veins, thus Imperial Concubine Jing dared not do anything to her no matter how angry she was. After slapping Xiao Lan, she looked at the beautiful young girl in front of her and said in disgust, “Go in and kneel in front of the Third Princess’s bed to apologize!”


Lin Feilu was completely dumbfounded by this scene.


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