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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 50

T/L: Jelly Mae

E/D: Spirit Song

The few patrons Lin Feilu had collected so far all seemed to be very powerful; but after thinking it through, their base stats were unreliable at their current levels. After all, they were still children. No matter how prestigious they were, they were still subjected to their elders’ wishes. For example: regarding the First Imperial Prince and the Fourth Imperial Prince, in event Noble Consort Ruan and Consort Xian forbade them from interacting with herself, they would be out of play.


In this palace, every imperial consort was out for themselves and had formed their own factions. Based on the information she had collected from her daily walks; Noble Consort Xi was the only one among the imperial consorts who was proud and aloof, as she was not fond of interacting with others. Moreover, her status was not shackled by a child as she had none. This was a significant point which made her an easier target to tackle.


Before this, she agonized over the fact that she had no opportunities to make contact with Noble Consort Xi. But now, opportunity came knocking right on her door!


Indeed, large-scale NPC conventions were the best. It was just the first day and she had already been given such a huge surprise.


This little viscount hailed from a noble bloodline with military prowess; thus, his demeanor was arrogant and his behavior was unruly. To show weakness against such headstrong people was a counterproductive strategy. The weaker you were perceived, the more they would feel you were just another commonplace plebeian. If there was no challenge, they would soon lose interest.


It was very easy to capture your targets once you fully understood their characters.


Lin Feilu caught a glimpse of him; she saw that he had the calloused hands of a young boy who had been practicing martial combat at a tender age. After some quick thinking, she pouted her lips and said, “I don’t make friends with bad guys!”


Xi Xingjiang burst into laughter, “How am I a bad guy? I am the best-est good guy you’ll ever meet in this entire world. It’s only your loss if you don’t befriend me.”


When his little bean heard his words, she sneakily turned her eyes towards him. Seeing that he was grinning from ear to ear, she uttered a ‘hmph’ and turned away her head.


Dammit, that’s super cute.


Without saying a word, Xi Xingjiang took hold of her small hand which was obscured behind her sleeve. He shook it in a seemingly earnest manner, and said, “Whether you like it or not, I am a friend you must befriend. Now that we’ve shaken hands, we are now sworn friends for life. If I ever get myself into trouble in the future, you must save me even if it costs you your life. Understood?”


Lin Feilu: “?”


As if I’d believe in your b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲.


Angrily, she forcefully pulled out her little hand and ran to hide behind Kang An. As if she had suffered a great injustice; she wrapped her little head with Kang An’s cloak like a hood, then glared at him with eyes as bitter as a grumpy baby.


The attendant standing beside Xi Xingjiang could not stand looking at them anymore as he tearfully urged, “Young Master, let’s go now, we must not delay any further! If the Imperial Teacher reports your tardiness to the general, you’ll get caned as punishment again.”


Xi Xingjiang fervently waved his hand, motioning for his attendant to shut up. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at Lin Feilu and said, “Till we meet again next time, Little Bean.”


Lin Feilu: “Hmph.”


Xi Xingjiang had a few hearty laughs, then he left them and walked headed towards the Imperial School.


As soon as he left, Kang An wearily wiped his sweat and spoke to Lin Feilu in a lowered voice, “Fifth Princess, this little viscount of the Zhenbei Marquessate has always been known as the Little Devil Prince. Aside from attending the Imperial School, he rarely enters the palace, so you don’t have to worry about him.”


Lin Feilu nodded in acknowledgement.

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