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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 51

Translated By JellyMaeDay

The Imperial School’s landscape was monotonous; after meeting Xi Xingjiang, she had not met anyone again. She walked around for a little while, then returned to the side hall to rest. Inside, Lin Jingyuan had already prepared refreshments for her beforehand. She enjoyed her tea and snacks; then picked up an adventure book from a bookshelf to pass the time.


Kang An was standing to a side, looking at her in astonishment.


Was the Fifth Princess literate despite being so young and had never attended the Imperial School?


He tentatively asked, “Fifth Princess, may I ask what you are reading?”


Lin Feilu nonchalantly replied as she munched on her snacks, “It’s a record of the localities and landforms that a scholar had observed from his journeys across the land.”


Kang An felt that the Fifth Princess was peculiarly exceptional.


Halfway through the book, outside there was the dull sound of a bell ringing again. Kang An cheerfully responded, “His Royal Highness has finished his classes.”


Lin Feilu had Kang An put the adventure book back on the bookshelf. She drank her last cup of tea and said, “Let’s go and pick up Fourth Brother.”


People were coming down the steps one by one as they departed from the three halls of the Imperial School. They were chattering in little groups of twos and threes — just like an afterschool scene. Lin Feilu was standing to one side as she looked on, but she did not recognize anyone.


Lin Jingyuan was usually the fastest one to rush out, but today he was still nowhere to be seen after waiting for so long. Seeing that the terrace in front of the hall was nearly deserted, Kang An began to feel worried, so he said to Lin Feilu, “Fifth Princess, please wait here. I will go in and find His Royal Highness.”


Lin Feilu nodded her head. She watched him walk two to three steps up the terrace as she yawned, feeling bored.


As her eyes were blurred by tears, she finally saw two familiar silhouettes.


Oh. It was her Third Imperial Sister, and she’s at it again with her harassments.


This was the second time Lin Feilu had met with the hostage prince of Song Kingdom. He was still very good-looking and was particularly eye-catching when clothed in white robes. Even as he faced Lin Xi, who was prattling on and on; the expression on his face remained gentle, and there was a faint smile on his lips.


Lin Feilu felt this hostage prince had a really good temper.


Lin Xi’s shrill voice was irritating to listen to as she wailed, “I still don’t understand that essay the teacher taught just now, explain it to me again!”


Song Jinglan replied in a composed manner, “I have already explained to you once in the study hall.”


Being the overbearing princess that she was, Lin Xi responded in a tone that was coquettish yet commanding, “I still don’t understand! You have to explain it to me again!”


Lin Feilu could not help but to burst into laughter.


The two people who were not too far away looked over to her at the same time.


When Li Xi saw her, she was immediately filled with shock and disgust. She stepped down and rushed towards her, pointing her finger at her and haughtily questioned her, “What are you doing here, you little wench?!”


Lin Feilu was still laughing, “To hear the explanation twice yet you still don’t understand it; if an unsophisticated illiterate like you with such shallow knowledge of literature can come to this school then why can’t I?”

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