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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 53

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Lin Jingyuan sneered, “What are you waiting for? Take your princess and be off; go home and reflect on your conscience!”


Not wanting to cause more trouble, she kept quiet as she was taken away by her attendants with a tearful face. Before she left, she shot a vicious glare at Song Jinglan.


Song Jinglan pretended to not have seen it. He was looking downwards to tend his sleeves as if nothing had happened.


Lin Jingyuan spat vicious words behind her back, “She’s getting off lightly with house arrest and self-meditation! If I ever see her again, I’ll kill her!”


Lin Ting reproached him with a stare, “Stop fooling around.”


Lin Jingyuan grunted. He then walked up to Lin Feilu and patted off the dirt on her cloak. Feeling guilty, he said, “It’s all because I was inattentive in class; I was forced to stay behind for supplementary lessons. If I had come out earlier, Little Lu would not have encountered her.”


Lin Ting also walked over to her side. “Return to the palace; and call for the imperial physician to have a look.”


Lin Feilu obediently nodded.


After the three of them had finished speaking, when she looked up once more, Song Jinglan had already left without anyone’s notice.


She thought to herself, He did a good thing without asking for anything in return, what a kind-hearted older brother.


On the way back to Mingyue Palace, Lin Jingyuan suddenly remembered something and asked Lin Ting, “Eldest Imperial Brother, did you give your rabbit to Sixth Brother?”


Lin Ting turned his eyes to Lin Feilu.


He seemed grateful that she did not reveal the truth. After all, it was too harsh to speak of: to be forced by his own mother to personally kill his beloved pet, only to hide in the garden and cry. He nodded and replied, “Yes, Sixth Brother loves little rabbits, so I gave mine to him.”


Lin Jingyuan: “Willing to give away even your most beloved pet, Eldest Imperial Brother is so generous! You see, I also love that little black horse you keep in your villa, what do you think?”


Lin Ting: “…”


Lin Feilu: “…”


She could not stand watching Lin Ting, an honest, getting bullied by the shameless Lin Jingyuan. She pulled his sleeves and said with a gruff, “Brother Jingyuan, a gentleman does not deprive others of their love.”


Lin Jingyuan immediately responded, “Little Lu is right! Eldest Brother should just keep the horse for himself.”


Pretending as if nothing had happened, Lin Feilu turned her head around and quietly smiled at Lin Ting. Pressing his lips together, Lin Ting could not suppress a smile from forming on the corners of his lips.


Upon returning the Mingyue Palace, only Qingyan was present at that time. First, she greeted the two princes. Seeing that the little princess’s hair was messed up, Qingyan was concerned and immediately asked, “What happened to the princess?”


Lin Feilu answered sensibly, “I accidentally fell down,” and asked “Where is Mother Consort?”


Qingyan replied, “My Lady made some cakes; she is personally delivering them over to Lady Consort Xian.”


Lin Feilu was a little surprised.


Xiao Lan had always been the type to act only when provoked — unless Consort Xian summoned her, she would not have gone to see her. However, this time, she took the initiative to personally deliver cakes to Consort Xian. It seemed that the conversation they had last time had affected her and gave her the determination to change.


Seeing that Lin Feilu was unwilling to tell the truth, Lin Ting thought she must not want to worry the people around her. So he did not say anything else and only told Qingyan, “Go to the Physician’s Court and ask for a physician to look after Little Lu. See if she’s broken anything or not.”


Qingyan hurriedly left to fulfill his command.

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