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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 54

Translated By JellyMae

Lin Zhanyuan ran out of his room. Holding the rabbit in his arms, he shouted with enthusiasm, “Big Brother Rabbit!”


Lin Ting smiled as he walked over and patted his head, “Sixth Brother.”


Lin Jingyuan suddenly was unhappy, “What about me? I know about you way before he did!”


Lin Zhanyuan was a little scared as Lin Jingyuan looked intimidating, so he hid behind Lin Ting. This made Lin Jingyuan even more upset.


Holding back her laughter, Lin Feilu reminded her brother, “Brother, if you remember the persimmons you like to eat, those were all gifted by Fourth Brother.”


At this, Lin Zhanyuan shouted cheerfully, “Big Brother Persimmon!”


The few of them played with each other for a while. Not long after, a young imperial physician hurried over with a medicine box behind his back. Seeing that the Eldest Imperial Prince and the Fourth Imperial Prince were both here, his heart trembled. The young imperial physician was worried that the two princes would dislike him and would drive him away in exchange for a more experienced senior imperial physician.


This kind of blatant dismissal can be really hurtful.


Fortunately, it was just a fall and the princess was not hurt badly. It was probably because of this, the princes accepted that this physician was good enough. The young physician treated the Fifth Princess with extra care and caution. Once he had finished prescribing her medication, he retreated respectfully and left.


It was getting late, and the two princes had to return to their palaces to finish their homework. Seeing that Lin Feilu safe and sound, they left Mingyue Palace.


Within this short span of time — news about the conflict between several prince and princesses, and that the Eldest Imperial Prince had sentenced the Third Imperial Princess to house arrest — had spread like wings and travelled throughout the Imperial Harem.


When Lin Ting returned to Yunxi Palace, Noble Consort Ruan was eating fruit as she sat on a cushioned daybed.


Inside, the house was burning silver charcoal; which not only made the house warm, but also filled the house with a faint fragrance. It was a top-quality charcoal — asides from Emperor Lin’s bedchambers, only she herself and Noble Consort Xi from the Changle Palace had it.


Lin Ting greeted his mother and was about to return to his quarters, when Noble Consort Ruan nonchalantly called out to him, “I heard that you punished that little moppet Lin Xi today?”


Instantly, Lin Ting knelt down and said, “Yes, Mother Consort. You may punish me as you see fit.”


Noble Consort Ruan let out a chuckle, “Silly child, what did you do to warrant a punishment from your mother?” She walked over to her son and helped him up, praising him with sincerity, “You did well.”


Her eyes were extremely bright and vivacious. There was a flair of flamboyance to her beauty. When she smiled, it was as if all the splendors of light had gathered within her very being — she was dazzling beyond compare.


“You are the eldest son of the Emperor, after all, you have acted befittingly. Everyone in this palace must learn to fear you, respect you, cower before you. Only then, will it reflect your rightful stature.”


She knew her own son had always been too meek. She despised his pacifist nature and had exhausted all methods to harden him. Since it was so rare to see him behave in such a harsh manner, how could she not be happy?


Lin Ting listened to another one of his mother’s lectures without reciprocating. Just as he always did, he lowered his eyes and nodded silently.

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