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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 55

Translated By JellyMae

Xiao Lan also caught wind of this incident at Consort Xian’s palace and remembered that her Lu’er was going to the Imperial School today. She had a premonition that this matter was most certainly related to her daughter. Unable to sit quietly, she said her farewells to Consort Xian and hurriedly left for Mingyue Palace.


Lin Feilu was eating snacks and reading books in the house. Seeing that her mother had returned, she called out to her, “Mother Consort!”


Xiao Lan walked over and patted her little head. She asked in a gentle tone, “Did anything happen at the Imperial School today?”


Lin Feilu was silent for a while before she began to tell her mother what had happened. For obvious reasons, she left out the part where she mocked Lin Xi. It was not the first time that Lin Xi bullied her. Every time it happened, Xiao Lan would weep helplessly and could only advise Lin Feilu to go out less often. As long as she did not go out, she would not meet Lin Xi and would not be bullied.


However, this time her mother did not say anything. She did not break down nor did she weep pitifully. Instead, she smiled softly at her, “As long as you’re alright.”


Lin Feilu felt that this Mother Consort of hers had truly changed.


No longer was she the old Xiao Lan, she was now Niohuru Lan! (T/N: “Niohuru” is a prominent Manchu clan name during the Qing Dynasty. It was said that many consorts from this clan were mothers of reigning emperors.)


Lin Feilu did not suffer much damage to her head and was feeling very happy about the overall outcome. However, Lin Xi was having a hard time now. Not only did she lose face, what made Lin Xi even angrier: first, was Song Jinglan’s ‘betrayal’; and second, was Eldest Brother shielding that girl.


What’s so good about that little wench? Everyone seems to be taking all of her sides! Just like her mother, she must’ve seduced Eldest Brother and Fourth Brother with her vixen charms! These boys are all bewitched by her! Only a girl can see her true face!


When Lin Xi left the Imperial School, she did not return to her palace immediately. After all, she would not be able to leave her palace for the next half month; so she cried all the way to Yaohua Palace where the Eldest Imperial Princess Lin Nianzhi was situated.


Lin Nianzhi had a cold two days ago, so she took a sick leave and did not go to school. Wrapped in a quilt, she was sitting cross-legged on the daybed, playing with a nine-rings puzzle*. She saw her Third Sister enter her room with a tearful face. Once she came in, she let her sister take charge of the conversation. (T/N: A disentanglement puzzle; also known as Chinese nine-rings puzzle or Devil’s needle puzzle)


Lin Nianzhi did not go out nor did she hear any news about the Imperial School today, so she only learned about what had happened after asking Lin Xi.


Lin Xi sobbed as she recounted the incident. She even swore by the Heavens that she did not utter a single false word: how Lin Feilu mocked her, how she insulted her; every word was repeated in detail.


She thought that her Eldest Sister, who had always been of the same mind as herself, would stand up for her. She did not expect Lin Nianzhi to simply ask, “Did she enter the Imperial School?”


Lin Xi was taken aback as she stuttered, “No… she didn’t. She was standing downstairs, away from the terrace.”


Lin Nianzhi: “Then what did you insult her for?”


Feeling extremely wronged, Lin Xi said, “I didn’t insult her, she insulted me.”


Lin Nianzhi felt a little annoyed, “Didn’t you call her a little wench?”


Shocked, Lin Xi responded, “… Didn’t we always call her that?”


Lin Nianzhi let out a dry cough, then she continued, “Did she really insult you? Said you were an unsophisticated illiterate with shallow comprehension?”


Lin Xi answered with fervor, “Yes!”

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