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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 56

Lin Nianzhi looked at her with doubtful eyes, “But that shouldn’t be possible? Fifth Sister hasn’t even been to the Imperial School, she’s never read a book or even learnt how to read. How could she have insulted you with such difficult words? As far as I’ve known her, she doesn’t seem that clever with words.”


Lin Xi was anxious, Why is the Elder Sister taking her side now too? She was peeved. She pressed on and asked, “When have I ever lied to you, Eldest Sister? Does the Elder Sister not believe in me?”


Lin Nianzhi leaned back and switched to a comfortable posture, “It’s not that I don’t believe in you.” She continued, “It’s just that I don’t think she’s insulting you — didn’t she just speak truthfully?”


Lin Xi: “???”


Lin Nianzhi waved her hand sluggishly, “Alright, it’s time for you to return home. Didn’t Eldest Brother sentence you to half a month of confinement? No need to come running to me for the next half month, the weather is inexplicably cold.”


As she left, Lin Xi sobbed and ran all the way.


Lin Xi cried all the way back to Zhaoyang Palace. Imperial Concubine Jing, who had caught wind of the incident, was waiting impatiently at the gate of the palace. Once she saw that her daughter had returned, she immediately rushed towards her and asked, “You went to visit the Eldest Princess? What did she say? How did you manage to anger the Eldest Prince when all you do is study in the Imperial School!”


Lin Xi felt that the whole world was scorning her.


She was holding back all the time she was outside. Once she was back in her own palace, immediately she erupted into an outburst of tears. Amidst her sobbing, she cursed Lin Feilu, then she cursed Lin Jingyuan. Finally, she even cursed Lin Nianzhi and Lin Ting, whom she could not forgive. Imperial Concubine Jing hurriedly ordered her maids to close Lin Xi’s mouth, as she cried and scolded, “I must’ve been too lenient on your upbringing, you’re such an incompetent child! Even that little wench from Mingyue Palace managed to curry the favor of the Eldest Imperial Prince, yet somehow you couldn’t do it!”


Lin Xi cried as she asked, “Mother, why don’t we go ask Father for a fair judgement?”


It would have been better for Lin Xi to not have mentioned this, as Imperial Concubine Jing became livid with rage.


Since that incident with evil spirits, Emperor Lin had never visited Zhaoyang Palace ever again. It was as if he had forgotten she existed in this place.


A few days ago, to restore her presence in his court, she had planned to cook one of her best soup dishes and personally deliver it to the Yangxin Hall. However, Emperor Lin was discussing political affairs with his ministers in the hall. She waited outside for several hours. As it was getting unbearably cold, she could only leave the soup behind and left by herself.


Unexpectedly, Emperor Lin fell ill on that evening. Both noble consorts visited the Emperor to attend to his illness.


The Emperor was fine during the day, how did he suddenly fall sick? Recalling that Imperial Concubine Jing had waited outside Yangxin Hall all afternoon, gradually rumors spread that the evil spirits were still lingering around her, and that she had wrought malady upon His Majesty. Eventually, the Empress sent someone over to Zhaoyang Palace to euphemistically advise her to not visit His Majesty in the future, and to wait until at least winter was over.


There were over three thousand beauties in this imperial harem palace, and she was not the most beautiful one. After this winter was over, will His Majesty even remember her?


Several times, Imperial Concubine Jing had been crying by herself within her palace. But when she remembers she still had her daughter, who was an imperial princess that even His Majesty adores. Lin Xi also had a good relationship with the Eldest Imperial Princess. With these prospects, it seemed that waiting for the new year to regain the Emperor’s favor was not an impossible task.

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