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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 57

Translated By JellyMae

Imperial Concubine Jing did not expect how incompetent her daughter was. Or rather, how she was actually an expert troublemaker to be able to offend the Eldest Imperial Prince who was known for his gentility. If they were to offend Noble Consort Ruan, they could forget about living a comfortable life.


Thinking about this, both mother and daughter held each other in embrace as they sobbed tearfully together.


As Imperial Concubine Jing mulled over the matter, she began to realize that the cause of this series of disasters was all attributed to the wenches of Mingyue Palace. The haunting of evil spirits started because of them, even now her Xi’er was punished because of them. They just recently gained Consort Xian’s favor yet they dare to act so brazenly. Right now, she was just a mere Noble Lady. If that wench were to be promoted in the future, wouldn’t they trample all over herself?


Whatever it would take, she could never let such a thing come to pass!


Imperial Concubine Jing wiped the tears off her daughter’s face as she spoke with stern determination, “Don’t cry! Mother will definitely get even with them for you! They won’t be able to stay free and unfettered for much longer.”




Lin Feilu had already expected that Lin Xi’s house arrest would make herself and Xiao Lan targets for Zhaoyang Palace’s animosity. During this period of time, she must make her move.


As the saying goes, the one who strikes first gains the advantage.


She felt that now was the time to completely resolve this problem.


Since the beginning, she had never intended to conquer Lin Xi and make her one of her assets. Although it was actually very easy to conquer lazy, good-for-nothing spoilt brats like her, she never considered it.


She was the murderer who personally pushed the little princess into the pond. She watched her cry for help and did nothing but laugh at her misery. Truly, she was a fool with a malicious heart.


It was said that children are innocents, but their propensity for evil was also the most terrifying.


She promised that little girl that she would avenge her.


Furthermore, in order to help herself, even that pretty little captive prince of the Song Kingdom had been marked by Lin Xi. Seeing how short-sighted she was, Lin Xi would definitely trouble him once her punishment was lifted. Lin Feilu felt that she had the responsibility to protect this pretty little prince!


She had sheathed her blade since she destroyed Xu Cairen. It was now time for her blade to see blood again.


Thus, Demon King Lin Feilu had concurred.


As Xiao Lan approached with a tray of freshly baked snacks, she saw a pint-sized girl sitting on the threshold. Her tiny hand was held up to her chin as she gazed deeply into the morning sunlight. Amused, she let out a chuckle and sat down beside her, “You haven’t eaten much for breakfast. Try this new snack Mother has made for you.”


Lin Feilu took two bites, “Tasty!”


The snack was still warm and crispy. It tasted sweet, yet it was not greasy. Xiao Lan’s baking skills had become more refined.


As she ate, suddenly she thought of something and said to Xiao Lan, “Mother, please prepare a box of snacks for me, I want to give it to someone!”


Curious, Xiao Lan asked, “Who is it for?”


Lin Feilu smiled sincerely, “A person who helped me yesterday.”


Xiao Lan did not ask much. She had always been responsive to the requests of her children. She packed a box of snacks and passed it to Qingyan who would accompany the Fifth Princess. At first, Qing Yan was not sure where they were heading to. Eventually, she could not help but to worry as they were walking towards an unfamiliar area, where even the guards and palace servants were few to be seen.


She asked, “Princess, where are we going?”

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