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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 58

Translated By JellyMae

Lin Feilu pointed towards a withered bamboo forest that was not too far away. “There, we’re close.” She took the snack box from Qingyan’s hands and said, “You can wait for me right here.”


Qingyan knew the palace like the palm of her hand, naturally she knew who lived here. Her face showed worry as she asked, “Princess, this place is not convenient for you to enter alone. Why not let me send it in on your behalf?”


Lin Feilu calmly looked at her and refuted, “You are to wait for me right here.”


Qingyan was inexplicably stunned by the look in this little girl’s eyes. She dropped her hands and stood in place as she replied, “Yes.”


At this, with the snack box in hand, Lin Feilu walked towards Cuizhu Villa.


The weathered bamboo door was bolted from the inside. She pushed it twice, but it did not budge, so she raised her hand and knocked a few times. After some time, someone came to answer the door. It was Song Jinglan’s manservant, Tiandong. He was hesitant to speak to her as he eyed her with suspicion.


Lin Feilu smiled, “Did you forget about me? Last time I gave you fish.”


Tiandong pursed his lips as he greeted her, “Greetings to the Fifth Imperial Princess.”


As he lowered his head, Lin Feilu noticed there was a hint of displeasure in his expression.


If her guess was right, he was probably thinking something along the lines of this, Yet another princess who’s come to covet the beauty of my Royal Highness. So shameless!!!


But no matter how reluctant he was, he would never dare to stand in her way. As the saying goes, he who is under the eaves must bow his head*. Thus, Tiandong treated Lin Feilu with respect and invited her inside. “His Royal Highness is currently reading. Please wait here for a while.” (T/N: Chinese proverb that means one must do what fate compels us to do. An English equivalent would be “needs must when the devil drives” or “he must whom fate compels”.)


It was early in the morning, yet he was already studying. What a diligent, studious little child. Her frivolous Fourth Imperial Brother could learn a thing or two from him.


Lin Feilu nodded in response.


Tiandong went inside to report her arrival, soon Song Jinglan came out. He was still wearing the same plain white clothes as he did yesterday. His top knot was adorned with a jade headdress. With handsome young brows, his temperament was gentle as he produced a clean and beautiful smile on his face. He spoke in a warm voice, “Fifth Imperial Princess, why have you come to visit?”


Lin Feilu carried the snack box as she hopped over to him, “My Mother made some snacks, so I brought some for you to try.”


As soon as she ran, her hood slipped off the top of her head, revealing two little buns wrapped in white ribbons. Her small face was dabbed red as it was cold, but the smile on her face remained sincere. Song Jinglan reached out and took the heavy box from her, then said with a smile, “It’s cold outside. If the princess does not mind, you can come in and have a chat inside.”


Lin Feilu grinned, “That’s great.”


She followed him into the house. As soon as she entered, she uncontrollably sneezed due to the soot from the the burning firewood inside the house.


Song Jinglan looked at her apologetically and proceeded to open the doors and windows. By ventilating both ends of the room, most of the smoke in the house had dispersed and finally it was less stuffy. However, the warmth had also dissipated, thus it was a little chilly inside.


Lin Feilu was not familiar with this kind of firewood. She had never seen it before even from the previous state of Mingyue Palace.


She did not prod into the subject any further. She opened the snack box and brought out the snacks. “You should try it while it’s still warm!”

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