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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 59

Translated By JellyMae

Song Jinglan took a piece and ate it. Even his eating appearance was pleasing to the eyes. It was the sort of elegance that could only be cultivated from years of noble upbringing. He only ate one and stopped. Gently, he said, “It was delicious. Thank you, Fifth Princess.”


Lin Feilu suddenly felt a pang of sadness.


There was no fault to be found with this young boy, in fact, he seemed to be so perfect that no one would dare to approach him. It was as if he had sealed himself in a glass frame. He would never step outside the boundaries of his frame whenever he acted or spoke. This way, he would never make mistakes. But it was also a very tiring and difficult way to live.


Lin Feilu understood this very well.


He was sent to an enemy country at such a young age. Disregarding the fact that he was abandoned by his home country, if he was despised or bullied here, he could easily die from one misstep. He probably learned to restrain his emotions since he was very young and learned how to live quietly in this turbulent palace life.


Yet despite facing such a difficult situation, yesterday he offended Lin Xi in order to help her.


Did he not think of the consequences or repercussions from his actions?


Lin Feilu fluttered her eyes and asked in a soft voice, “Your Highness, why did you help me yesterday?”


Tiandong entered the room with a pot of hot water.


With time on his hands, Song Jinglan poured a glass of water for her. Amidst the wisps of warm steam, he smiled and said, “The princess is a cute and clever child. Seeing you in that predicament yesterday, I believe anyone would naturally want to help you.”


Oh my God, look at this kind and beautiful precious child!!!


Song Jinglan lived in a place that was even more remote than Mingyue Palace. She was not sure if she was deluding herself, but she felt it was colder here. It was likely because the air was more damp since there were many ponds in the vicinity of Cuizhu Villa.


It was originally cold today. Now, the wind was blowing through opened windows and the fireplace was not warm either. Lin Feilu sat there shaking with cold.


The only thing that kept her going was Song Jinglan’s handsome face.


Song Jinglan seemed to have noticed something was amiss. He turned round and gently ordered his manservant, Tian Dong, “Go and fill up the fireplace. Make sure the temperature is alright.”


Tiandong nodded lightly and swiftly left to fulfill his order. Not long after, he returned with a steaming hot hand stove. Afraid it was too hot for her, Song Jinglan took it first to check the temperature before handing it over to her with a reassuring smile. “Here, princess, take this.”


It looked different from the hand stove she was used to. It was the most primitive type that simply held hot water. It was not wrapped with a buffer, so it would easily cause scald burns and it would cool down quickly. However, its surface was smooth and unblemished. Seeing its copper coating had been worn down to a smooth polish, this hand stove must have been used very regularly.


She did not refuse his offer as she was feeling extremely cold. As she stretched out her hands to receive it, she saw Song Jinglan’s hands that were vaguely hidden under his sleeves.


These were not the hands of a pampered, indulgent child.


She had seen Xi Xingjiang’s hands before. Since he was training in martial arts since infancy, his palms had subtle calluses. However, Xi Xingjiang’s were not worn and rough. Song Jinglan’s calluses were much deeper and thicker. Perhaps it was due to the biting cold weather, there was also a little crack in the web of his thumb that was painful to look at.


As if perceiving her gaze, Song Jinglan further obscured his hands in a discreet manner. Lin Feilu spoke nothing of it. Once she took the hand stove from him, she asked in a soft voice, “Your Highness, do you have any plans after this?”

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