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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 6

Edited by Jelly Mae & Spirit Song


Imperial Concubine Jing must have learned from the imperial doctors that she had also been feverish after the incident yesterday. Thus, it would have been an arduous task if not impossible for her to walk up to Lin Xi.


However, the Imperial Harem was truly such an unreasonable place. Now that Lin Feilu’s fever had subsided but Imperial Concubine Jing’s own daughter contracted high fever and kept muttering nonsense, she just wanted to vent her anger. It had nothing to do with Lin Feilu.


Imperial Concubine Jing was gritting her teeth and seething with hatred, until she suddenly saw an expression of extreme horror on the face of the dazed little girl. The little girl’s pupils dilated and she started sweating profusely while staring at the door of Third Princess Lin Xi’s room.


With a loud cry, she hid behind Xiao Lan.


While crying, she wailed, “That person is so scary. There are aquatic plants clinging onto her body and her clothes are… dripping wet! Mom, I’m scared!”


Imperial Concubine Jing: ???


Palace maid: ???


A child’s expression could not be faked. Imperial Concubine Jing’s face suddenly turned pale. She glanced at the empty door and her arrogant voice trembled, “What did you see? What else is there?! Is it still there?”


Lin Feilu sobbed and said, “It is now entering Third Sister’s room.”


Lin Xi, who was still lying on the bed, heard these words. Immediately she shrieked out loud and fainted.


Suddenly, Zhaoyang Palace fell into chaos.


In this era, people believed in ghosts and gods. They feared and revered them. No one dared to belittle sightings of the supernatural.


Lin Xi did mention that she kept seeing the Fifth Princess standing at the door. Since she saw something, Lin Feilu might have seen something too. It’s hard to tell whether the Fifth Princess was lying. It was most likely true that there was a water ghost staring at them at the door.


Coincidentally, two palace maids had died from drowning in the pond of Linxing Pavilion a few years ago and this matter had something to do with Imperial Concubine Jing. Thinking about this, Imperial Concubine Jing was more convinced that Xiao Lan could not be dealt with right now.


When she left Zhaoyang Palace, half of Xiao Lan’s face had swollen up and looked painful. However, she seemed unable to feel the pain. She only grabbed Lin Feilu’s small and soft hand then said to Yunyou anxiously, “Little Feilu ran into some evil spirit. Go back and prepare some offerings.”


Lin Feilu was bored to death. She looked at the flowers blooming on both sides of the pathway.


In her past life, she always had been physically predisposed to sweating whenever she held her breath. She thought her condition would be fixed after transmigrating into her new body. She was not expecting it to happen when she tried it just now and decided to keep her act up until the end. In her opinion, the opponent was simply too noob.


Everyone in the Imperial Palace soon learned of the presence of an evil spirit in Zhaoyang Palace, the residence of Imperial Concubine Jing. It was said that Third Princess Lin Xi provoked an evil spirit while playing in Linxing Pavilion. The Fifth Princess, Lin Feilu, also had a fever yesterday but she was fine now.


Both children ran into the same evil spirit. However, for every grievance, someone would be held responsible; for every debt, there would be a debtor. The evil spirit only followed the Third Princess, thus it was apparent that the root cause was due to the past sins committed by Imperial Concubine Jing.


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