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Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leaf Chapter 61

Translated By JellyMae & Edited By Spirit Song

It was her haughty Elder Imperial Sister. She was arguing with someone and was shouting angrily, “Xi Xingjiang, I swear I will command someone to beat you up!”


There was another voice which was only asking to add more fuel to the trouble. “Oh my, I’m so scared! So scared that I don’t think I can sleep tonight!”


Lin Nianzhi let out an angry sarcastic shriek.


Xi Xingjiang? Lin Feilu recalled that this person was that aggravating viscount that messed up her neat buns.


Since these NPCs have been conveniently delivered to my doorstep… Isn’t it a waste of this chance encounter if I don’t try to capture them today?


Stuffed to the brim with white plum blossoms, Lin Feilu tied the pouch around her waist, then hurriedly strided towards the garden gates. Under the shady canopy of the trees, from a distance she saw a lavishly dressed Lin Nianzhi from head to toe. She was stomping her heels in anger while the palace servants around her were attempting to appease her.


After all, this boy was the son of a Great General and the nephew of Noble Consort Xi. Lin Nianzhi knew that nothing good would come from getting tangled in complicated matters involving him.


Not far away, facing her was a young boy clad in black robes, who was sitting cross-legged on the railing of the bridge. He was bearing a face that looked like it deserved a nice, good slap.


As a martial arts practitioner, he had a developed an acute sense of hearing. Despite not visibly noticing any figures, he could hear the sounds of pitter-patter of footsteps, so he turned his head around. Emerging from behind the garden walls was a little girl whose head was fully adorned with white plum blossoms. Initially, he was stunned, then a big smile slowly appeared on his face.


He jumped off from the bridge railing and walked towards her in a few steps. Before Lin Feilu could even react, she felt someone was tugging at one of her head buns. “We meet again, Little Bean.”


Lin Feilu glared at him angrily as she clutched her head. She turned away from him and fled towards Lin Nianzhi.


Lin Nianzhi was still furious. Seeing Lin Feilu had suddenly appeared, the tone of her voice was maladjusted as she spoke aggressively, “Why are you here? What are you doing here??”


Lin Feilu ran up to her. She tilted her head upwards, looked at her with a harmless and obedient expression on her face, then responded in a loud voice, “I heard that Eldest Imperial Sister was being bullied in Baimei Garden, so I’ve come to help you!”


Lin Nianzhi was taken aback. Although now she felt guilty for her previous tone, she awkwardly turned her head around and said nothing.


Lin Feilu turned around to stand in front of Lin Nianzhi. She spread out her short little arms and fiercely glared at Xingjiang. “Don’t bully my Eldest Sister!”


Xi Xingjiang wrapped his arms around his chest. He curled his lips as he was amused by this little girl, “Why do you think your Eldest Sister has such a bad temper? I’m just sitting here, minding my own business and not obstructing anyone. Yet she insists that I must step aside and give her a wide berth.Pray tell, don’t you think she deserves to be bullied?”


Lin Nianzhi was filled with so much fury that she nearly wanted to curse him, “Xi Xingjiang, you…”


Before she could finish her sentence, the little bean in front of her had retorted loudly in a childish voice, “My Eldest Sister is the most beautiful girl in the world — all beautiful girls have the right to have bad tempers!!!”


Xi Xingjiang: “?”


Lin Nianzhi: “…” She tugged a corner of her little Fifth Sister’s robes as she unabashedly spoke in a small voice, “It’s… My temper isn’t all that bad.”

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